Designed, sealed, delivered: everything you need know about our NEW PACKAGING

With the start of the year, we are pleased to announce we are making changes to gradually get closer to where we want to go. A small, but very important part of this is improving our packaging and its materials to give you the best PDPAOLA experience possible. This not only applies to that exciting moment when you receive your jewelry and you unwrap your packaging, but also when it comes to having a designated box or place to keep your pieces safe and organized. Our creative and design teams have put careful thought into it.

We’ve revamped our pouches boxes and accessories to ensure that you can enjoy your jewels to the maximum while having reusable storage options, which are both functional and super pretty. Want to know what’s new? Read on!

1. The Forever Pouch

Our new Forever pouch has a velvety feel, which is soft to the touch with a hint of shimmer glow. This makes it a super elegant multifunctional accessory ready to hold your everyday goodies or anything you want.
We’ve chosen a pebble color to keep it versatile and classic so it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your handbag essentials. Use it to keep the change, makeup, or anything that needs to stay neatly organized inside your bag.

2. The Secret-keeping Box

Made to keep your jewels safe and protected like the most precious secret. It comes in a soft vanilla color with an elegant black puller that makes it easy to open and access your jewels. Compact, yet sturdy so you can rest assured your precious pieces are very well kept.

3. The Mini Pouches

This small and exquisite little companion is perfect for keeping your jewels safe and close to you. Whenever you’re on the go, put them inside this mini pouch and throw it inside one of your bag’s internal pockets. Need to change earrings for the night? This is all you’ve needed!

4. The Polishing Cloth

Everyday wear and tear can take its toll on your jewels. Over time, body oils, lotions, hairspray, and soaps can make them lose their shine and look dull. For this reason, we are including a polishing cloth that has been specially created for jewelry care. It comes impregnated with silver-cleaning components to make sure your jewelry stays as dazzling as the day you bought it.

5. The personal touch

Words of love, gratefulness, appreciation, and more. Add a personal note to any of your purchases to show how much you care. We’ve even had customers who write a note to themselves because self-care is also important. Anything counts! Remember it’s a tool at your disposal that can add an extra personal touch to any gift and it doesn’t cost a thing.

There you have it! New and improved packaging ready for multiple uses that also looks gorgeous wherever you place it! We hope you like it as much as we do. Which part is your favorite?

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