Daze Collection

Wolf & woman, woman & storm: he jewelry collection inspired by the eternal duality of women.

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Earrings - 18K Gold plating
Bracelet - 925 Sterling Silver / 18K Gold plating
Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver / 18K Gold plating
Bracelet - 925 Sterling Silver
Earrings - Silver Rhodium plating
Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver
Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

Wolf & woman.
Woman & storm.
Eternal and (very) feminine jewelry.

Eternal and (very) feminine jewelry. Such are the designs in Daze, the latest PDPAOLA's signature collection. Embracing sophistication in a wild and mysterious environment, delicacy and character are allied in the reinvented essentials, the new W18's temptation that takes place in a daylight luxury cocktail. The jewels in Daze are characterized by their cosmic brightness, black and white zirconia carefully hand-set in a 925 sterling silver base and a 18 carat gold plating. Contemporary minimalism in a collection that represents the eternal duality of today's women: free, dreamer and fighter.

Wild hearts can’t be broken.
Lose your way.
Go wild for a while.