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  • Aquarius Earrings 925 sterling silver 18k gold plating
  • Crystal and zirconia Lapislazuli Zodiac Earrings
  • Geometric shape Pin earrings Zodiac Earrings
  • Zodiac Earrings Geometric shape 925 sterling silver 18k gold plating
  • Aquarius Earrings - 925 sterling silver / 18K gold plating
  • Aquarius Earrings - 925 sterling silver / 18K gold plating
  • Aquarius Earrings - 925 sterling silver / 18K gold plating

Aquarius Earrings

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  • Material: Sterling Silver
  • Finishing: 18k Gold plating
  • Stones:
    • Rose quartz
    • Malachite
    • Mother-of-pearl
    • Lapis Lazuli
    • Tiger Eye
    • White Zirconia
  • Type of closure: Traditional screw
  • Weight: 1.50 g
    *Gemstones may slightly vary in tone due to their natural origin.
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Aquarius Earrings


All things mystical and divine come together in a cosmic collection. Carefully crafted, these amulets with delicate gemstones aligned capture the essence of astrology’s mix of art and science in the constellations of sun signs.

More than a tribute to zodiac constellations, this collection reflects the bonds between the universe and ourselves. It catches the interstellar energy at our birth time, creating a unique amulet full of meaning to carry with pride.

We honor the subtlety and elegance of the zodiac signs framing them like a treasure on a floating gold oval, also evoking the infinity of our universe. Each zodiac amulet has its unique harmony, a chromatic language that manifests itself in our essence.

True to the brand's spirit of crafting pieces that let you show your genuine nature, Zodiac collection is an ode to the staying power of Astrology and our connection to the stars revealing the depths of our own magical intuition.


Color is the representation of our attitude towards life. In this collection, gemstones speak for the singular stars on each zodiac constellation, with their own meanings within astrology and as a vital part of energy circles.

  • ROSE QUARTZ: It symbolizes love and beauty, magnifying the heart and repelling anger and resentment. It enhances love for yourself and heals negative emotions. Its ruling planet is Venus and its elements are earth and water.


  • MALACHITE: It represents abundance, good luck, self-confidence and transformation. Giving strength for new beginnings and encouraging healthy relationships as it drives negative energies away. Its planet is Venus and its element is earth.


  • TIGER EYE: Known for its golden brown hues and with the fire and earth as it’s attached elements, tiger eye stands up for empowerment, clear thinking, and integrity.


  • MOTHER OF PEARL: Used for protection and for stress relieve, this stone is a magnet for harmony, as it helps to balance our emotions. Its ruling planet is Neptune and its element is water.


  • LAPIS LAZULI: It reveals love, inner truth and power in ourselves. It encourages self-awareness and allows for self-expression promoting inner qualities of honesty and compassion.
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