Electra, a voyage to outer space

A night sky full of stars captures our being with its titillating immensity and makes us dream of distant places and worlds of possibilities. No wonder it has been the object of fascination since the dawn of time. Its infinite darkness is alluring, while its inexhaustible brilliance keeps us drawn into its beauty. This is what inspired the new PDPAOLA collection: celestial objects with fulgent trajectories that come alive in details and designs made to complement your universe.

Electra is an invitation to create your own constellation, to align earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets imbued with shiny details in your own way. Crystalline corundum is hand-cut into star shapes, striking the perfect balance between black cubic zirconia formations and a delicate silver base that is plated in 18-karat gold.

Our penchant for a no-fuss, effortless female elegance is not only evident in every piece, but they are made in such a way that lets every woman glow on her own, like a star. This is jewelry that has the versatility to lift off and navigate the party zone without giving up the option of going back to a casual atmosphere.

Start your voyage with the Astra earrings, a star placed at the end of a delicate hoop in an orbit that traces its golden path around the earlobe. These kind of lustrous curves recur throughout Electra collection, interacting with your anatomy in a variety of circular paths, each one taking a character of its own depending on the wearer.The whimsical arrangement of stones of the Voyager style suggests a dominant star trailed by secondary lights forming a constellation. The pendulous stars that dangle individually from the accessories of the Halley and Stellar lines remind of the effect of twinkling stars during those especially clear nights when space is revealed in its full splendor.

But the real show-stoppers in this collection —much like an astronomical event that would have everyone whipping out their telescopes— are the Electra earrings and ring; it’s no coincidence the entire collection is named after them. Each earring comprises a string of shimmering stars that accentuate the full length of the neck, like a comet rising in the sky, then bringing the focus to the face. For its part, the ring is a radiant halo orbiting around the finger.

Embark on the Electra journey into outer space with jewelry that explores new routes in an endeavor to reach the stars while staying grounded in a minimalist style as a clear reflection of contemporary sensibility. The best part? It lets your genuine nature glow.


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