Wedding Time: What do I wear to What?

The jewelry you need to wear this wedding season

Your inbox is flooded with save the date emails, and you’ve got plans every weekend for months. Dreamy summer weddings are on the horizon and so is your chance to make a statement and shine by creating your own visual language.

Of course it’s amazing to celebrate, dance and enjoy delicious food and drink with people you love and cherish in beautiful surroundings, but you’ve got to get your style —and life— organized to make a great impression and still have energy for your summer adventures.

Let’s not forget that it might not be just the wedding invitation, if one of your best friends is tying the knot, you’re going to need to think about more than just the wedding outfit but a host of other events in the run-up to the big day. Namely bridal showers, bachelorette parties and many other gatherings in which you will be celebrating your friend’s departure from the single life.

No need to fret, finding the perfect look isn't impossible. It only requires a bit of creativity, For surviving the season you only need a few good frocks you’ll want to wear again, for more than just nuptials and a few simple, yet powerful accessories to get some variety into the mix. After all, you don’t want to steal the limelight from the bride; However, getting pretty close wouldn’t be so bad, right?

The Pre-wedding

Ah, The bridal showers ,the bachelorette parties, and those unexpected get-togethers with the girls before the main event. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to treat the bride to a little something for herself? It doesn’t have to be just items for the new home. She’ll thank you when those many pre and post wedding wearing occasions arrive and she needs a chic bracelet or earrings to pimp up her look.

Put more rings on it

While it’s true that the bride will favor wearing her engagement ring, (and later her wedding ring of course) it doesn’t mean you can’t gift her additional rings that could add a flash of sparkle and colour to her wedding bands. Say for example, the Serenade rings with or the Ultra Marine gold with it’s many loops and dainty crystals.

The ultra-romantic

If you really want to get into the romantic mood with gifting the bride jewelry, the Promise bracelet with the joining hearts detail, is a true celebration of love. And it’s so delicate and simple that it can really go with anything. ;)

Citric Escapades 

Now that destintion weddings are increasing in popularity, as wedding planner Vanessa Serrani explains, there is also a welcome dinner for the guests the night before wedding. So that’s another celebration outfit to think about! Keeping the aesthetic clean with a few accents of colour could go a long way, especially in the summer, when the days are brighter and longer.

Pair up your Citric earrings or sexy Señorita hoops with the light-hued midi dresses that are commonplace on the ceremony circuit, the look wont be so commonplace after all.

No strippers needed!

Serrani recounts that bachelorette parties have departed a bit from the typical night-out on the town and the ocassional, (ehem) strippers. (Yes! some girls like those too).

“They’ve been replaced by fun activities that involve the bride and groom”, she says and adds that these include a game of paintball, go-karts, escaperooms, burlesque courses, pole dancing and even a day at the spa.

LBD time

With so much outfit planning, don’t hesitate to pull a no-brainer and bring out that LBD (little black dress). The trick to keep it interesting is to add a fun accent with pieces like the Nomad or the True Gold earrings. There’s no going wrong with them and they’re light enough for you to shake your head while dancing!

The Big Day

Alas, the main event has arrived. And you don’t want to wear those typical wedding guest dresses that feel repetitive. Sure, it’s her special day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t boast a little sparkle of your own.

Outdoor Muze

In those summery outdoor settings or beach wedding, lace, pastel tones and short dresses are the norm and it’s likely the bride’s dress will be more on the simple side too, so it’s key to keep the embellishment and fancy details in check. Think a faint flash of sparkle, a crystal drop earring, delicate studs, or a dainty bracelet which are perfect and super versatile.

The Miami Gold necklace, for example, is delicate but far from plain with its romantic swirls of gold and can be worn as a choker or made a little longer to accommodate whatever suits your dress. Go bold with the Gravity Gold or Muze earrings or opt for delicate organic shapes with the Naia earrings. Go for a pair like the Grand pacific, with motherpearl and howlite, to that add that subtle elegance and glow to your face.

The Indoor Formal

This slightly more formal wedding setting (for example dress code: suits and ties and floor length gowns), allows for a more fashion-forward attire and can let you get away with bigger, eye-catching accessories. (Remember not to steal the focus of the bride! ;)

Think for example a sculptural accent like the Nomad earrings in gold or a geometric accent like the Wolfnoir earrings. If you’re a fan of stones, try the Blaze gold bracelet or the Citric Petite earrings, the best thing is they will also work wonders to spice up your every day outfits.

In any case, the important thing is to let your free spirit serve as inspiration as these pieces are endlessly versatile. Whether you’re a fan of the classics— like a dash of shine or tiny studs— or someone who likes to make a big statement — say bold geometric earrings— the important thing is to let your personality shine through in your event (and daily) sartorial choices. No matter what you choose, love is in the air!

Top tip for brides

Treat your bridesmaids to a little something like a basket full of spa goodies or even a piece of jewelry. Wedding planner Vanessa Serrani thinks it’s a great idea and states that it’s even “better if it’s something personalized or with a meaning for them.”

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