Les Petites

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This is my playground
The Missy. Your Kiddo. La Petite. La Fille. La bambina. The “mini you”. Her. For the first time, our spirit goes to infinity and beyond for the little ones. Capturing an alive and femenine essence, the new kids collection stands for a pure and naive spirit. Monday to Sunday, jewelry is the new game, a place where necklaces, earrings and girls' daydreams become an item.
Symbology in a retro language brings the vibe, while deep blue and rosewood pink crystals coronate this glowing trip. These mini treasures made of 925 sterling silver and an 18k gold plating give a new twist to our time, redefining with attitude what it means to be a little (or not that little) girl. PS: all styles are also suitable for adults. Match your mini! Choose your fun. Welcome to the silver rockets society.