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A Millennial's apartment essentials

It is a fact: Millennials and Gen Zs take pride in their homes (even if they don’t own them, but let’s not get into that here). A generation of homebodies, they know the importance of a comfortable home that responds to your needs (and is aesthetically pleasing).

There has been a shift in mindsets after the pandemic, and homes are now seen as holy places: a sanctuary where we can reset, reconnect and, basically, renew ourselves.

That said, if you are decorating your home for the first time, or want to upgrade your current home to the SANCTUARY status, what are the essentials it shouldn’t miss?

After some thorough research (asking my decor experts millennial friends and the weekly Instagram home inspo dive) here are the top 4 essentials your millennial home should have:


Where were you planning to take all those IG selfies…? I’m joking (not). A mirror is a must in your home for several reasons. Firstly, if your apartment is not too bright, placing a mirror opposite a window will reflect the light and brighten up the space, as well as make it feel more spacious.

Secondly, it can instantly upgrade your decor: a big mirror will add a focal point to any room, and will work amazingly in the living room or bedroom. And since we are too millennial here, why not get yourself one of those wavy funky mirrors?

Also, if we get a bit mystical, Feng Shui experts claim that mirrors are the key to make the energy in your house flow well. You just have to place them on the right places and avoid others, such as placing a mirror opposite the front door.


Rugs are the decor element we sometimes forget about. However, they DO really matter, so they had to make it to this list. A rug can be your departure point when decorating a room, or it can be the final touch that will tie the space together.

There are a few things you should consider when shopping for rugs: size and material in the first place, and design and style next. Size is crucial: a rug too small and it will ruin the decor, and vice versa. Also do some research on the materials and their characteristics, but as quick tip natural fibers (wool, cotton, jute) are a good and long-lasting option.


If you live or have lived in a small flat, you already know what I’m talking about. How many of you study/work and then eat on the same table?? Yep, we’ve all been there. As such, if you are moving into a small flat where you’ll only be able to fit one table, this is a very important choice.

You can always go for a traditional table, but maybe you can consider a gateleg table or a drop-leaf table that you can extend according to your needs. Or if your space is limited, go for a wall-mounted table that will save you tons of space.


Okay, you can’t really show your mattress on your social media, but remember this: REST is king. As such, don't skimp when it comes to buying a good mattress. Do your due research (materials, brands, firmness…), read reviews and most importantly, if you can, try it out before you buy it. Also, since you are at it, get yourself some decent pillows. Your back will thank you later.
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