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Get To Know the team! Q&A with Javi

MY FRIENDS CALL ME: Javi, Pape, Javinski ...
My siblings call me by the nickname "gordo", very common in southern Spain. My friends from school call me Suárez. My mother used to call me Javier, emphasizing the final R, when she scolded me for misbehaving.

AT PDPAOLA I WORK AS: Design Director

I LOVE WHAT I DO BECAUSE: I have the opportunity to learn new things every day from a very talented team

MY WORKWEAR UNIFORM: Since the pandemic began and we started working remotely, tracksuit pants, winter socks, slippers, and hoodies have become my basics. I wear a cap 24-7, even when I'm at home. I feel naked without it!

MY FAVORITE SPRING OUTFIT: Relaxed straight fit denim, oversize t-shirt, hoodie pullover, sneakers, and a cotton beanie.

MY FAVORITE DRINK: Dry white wine

MY MUSE: I don’t have muses. My inspiration comes from day-to-day experiences, conversations, traveling, books, movies, artists… When it comes to design, I try not to focus too much on what others are doing.

MY DREAM JOB WHEN I WAS A LITTLE BOY: I used to say that I wanted to be an inventor. I used to break toys into pieces and put them back together with other toys pieces. Somehow, I feel I keep doing the same with the architecture of typographies, colors and shapes.

A RITUAL I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: can't start my day without a morning coffee

MY BEST MOMENT AT WORK: When we finally launch a collection after weeks of hard work. It's like giving birth to your baby.

MY LIFE MOTTO: God is in the small details

MY FAVORITE SONG: Hard to just choose one!. I like a wide variety of music styles: reggae, dancehall, rap, trap, pop, electronic music… Lately I've been listening to the Visión Túnel EP by Spanish rap artist Cruz Cafuné.

MY MOVIE RECOMMENDATION: Again a difficult question!. I was lucky enough to live for 4 years next to a video store with an alternative approach. We didn't have Netflix back then! I have many favorite movies and a bad memory. But I can clearly remember when I discovered the work of Michael Haneke. That was the time I began to be interested in cinema in a much deeper way.

INTEREST FOR GRAPHIC DESIGN STARTED: As a teenager when I used to draw non-stop. In 1996, “my 12 years old” got his first computer and discovered that he could draw with it. This became an obsession. In the early days of the Internet, when there was no Instagram, we shared our creations on social media sites like Fotolog. My designs had some recognition and I began to receive design commissions. In my last year of high school, I designed album covers for some rap artists. That was the time when I realized that design could be a profession and not just a hobby. So I decided to abandon my idea of studying engineering and focus on Graphic Design.

MY DOG: Pepe, a 17-years old mutt. I adopted him 2 years ago. He suffered abuse for many years until an animal protection association rescued him. His dream in life is sleeping in a bed three times his size. He is not a very loving dog, but deep down I know he feels grateful for his new life.

CURRENTLY IN MY PDPAOLA SHOPPING CART: Pisces Necklace from the Zodiac Constellations Collection
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