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Into the New Letters Collection

Our name plays a key role in our sense of self. It is a key element in our identity and a way to connect with people - we all like hearing our names said, don’t we?

The force of a name knows no boundaries: a person’s name is a unique gateway to their essence and individuality. This power can be translated into a single initial or a letter, a container of personal stories, timeless and special.

The New Letters Collection is our ode to the power of initials. We follow the inner essence of every single woman and introduce under the SAY MY NAME claim the new signature letter necklaces: floating amulets in an identity rebellion.

An encapsulated poem of your inner essence, this collection celebrates confidence in a new design scenario. Framing uniqueness, the main protagonist is an 18K gold plated initial hanging inside the amulet.

From A to Z, there is a place in the alphabet to represent every single name in the world. You can choose your letter, or a loved one’s, and make it your personal symbol. The collection was envisioned with a purpose: “The intense search of finding the balance between sobriety and melancholy, between lightness and complexity of the details,” shares Paola Sasplugas, founder and creative director of the brand.

The design is as compelling as its soul, creating a jewel with meaning. Labradorite, Tiger Eye, Mother of Pearl and crystals blend in a bright oval that surrounds your initial like a treasure, giving life to a necklace design that will become the timeless icon of your own.

“From the very beginning, the selection of these semi-precious stones and their tones was part of the design process. All these delicate hues end up creating a single color, blending perfectly into an infinite loop,” argues Paola. A simple and delicate essence, to empower the natural soul of the jewel and its wearer.

What is so special about Letters is that uniqueness is represented in each design. Surrounding color hues and veins in the natural gemstones are singular characteristics in each necklace, making every letter genuinely unique in the world. Celebrating the individuality of your own name is magnificent: say out loud who you are.

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