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The New First Times or Second Chances

Life's Simple Yet Amazing Little Things to Enjoy After Covid-19

As we slowly emerge from a time of loneliness and longing, we're flooded with warm memories of the things and people that matter the most to us.

Our minds keep travelling back to the life we were used to living. And no matter how tough we had it or how imperfect our lives were, it's inevitable to think that it was a time less complicated.

Indeed, we have been living fast, often forgetting to live and tending to work, obligations and social commitments, with hundreds of things demanding our time and attention. Rushing life, doing as much as we can in the smallest amount of time possible.

We give a quick wave and polite hello, to a neighbour, a coworker even a friend and move on to whatever else is on our agendas. And there's always something else, we're always distracted in our everyday; there's always another important thing to do.

After being forced to pause and change the way we have been doing things, the line between what's constant and ephemeral begins to blur. There is much we've taken for granted. We've been asked to hold up the mirror to human beings as to who we really are.

Then there's this strange feeling that lingers; the things you miss when you have time to just be.

Beyond the fantasy of imagining what's to come, there is the reality of finding ourselves at a very new and different stage of life. And with that reality comes the gift of exhilaration and discovery.

We've been given one of the greatest gifts of all which is reliving the beauty of the human experience. The door to a 'know unknown' has been opened to rekindle with some of life's most simple pleasures and experiences: a first hug, a coffee on a terrace, enjoying the sunshine in a park.

"The first thing I want to do is to be in contact with nature, especially enjoying trees and flowers and the sea even, it will be almost like seeing it for the first time." Says Laia Saez, Graphic Designer at PDPAOLA. She adds that "obviously" hugging her family and close friends and doing something as 'mundane' as having a meal with them also a priority.

Indeed, being in nature is going to beat looking at any screen and hugs will be wanted and needed more than ever. We're going to be hugging our friends and family ones like we're in a romantic movie and sharing a meal will feel more special than ever.

Claudia Palatchi, Art Director at PDPAOLA, shares the sentiment. She wants to reconnect with “ nature and its essence, the love of my friends (especially my closest ones) and take a dip in the ocean.”

For Borja Padin, jewelry designer at PDPAOLA it's about being able to take a flight again as he dreams of discovering many new places. While Jabel Riera, IT Director can't wait to spend time with his partner.

Similarly, Laura Díez who is Social Media manager at PDPAOLA, wants to spend time with her partner as well as her grandparents and friends. When the time comes, maybe she could join Claudia and Laia for a swim in the sea as the beach is also on her mind. Another thing she can’t wait to enjoy again: “seeing a sunset from a terrace.”

We're re-emerging to a world that will be different, and so will we. We're having an exciting comeback rediscovering the joy of what became mundane. Whether it's going into a work project with a renewed sense of meaning or rediscovering the 'first' feelings of being with someone you love. Now it's even better because we're armed with more patience, wisdom, appreciation and love to never, ever miss out again on some of the most amazing, yet simple things life has to offer.

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