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Winter Survival Guide

Cold or freezing weather often means hibernation for some of us, in other words: mostly giving up on social life or limiting our encounters with friends to the ever famous house parties (except if you have to commute far at freezing temperatures… No way, Jose).

As someone who struggles A LOT when the temperatures drop, I’ve had to learn to coexist with the cold weather in order to make life more bearable during the winter months. But do not despair: There are things we can do to survive the cold with dignity and even enjoy it (somehow).

Here is our Winter Survival Guide so you can prepare yourself body and soul and embrace the cold months:

Your body is a temple

Winter is probably the hardest season when it comes to our health. The cold weather can bring with it some health challenges: dry skin, colds and viruses… So do not forget to treat your body like a temple, here’s how:

Eat healthy: Food is your number one ally in winter. It is very hard to avoid the temptation of comfort food in the colder months, but remember that better food choices mean a better health. Some veggies like broccoli, carrots and cauliflower contain a lot of vitamin C, which enhances the immune functions. Also, it is important to increase your intake of certain foods like cheese, eggs or fish (unless you are vegan) since they pack B12 which also boosts your immune system and therefore give you enough energy to live through the season.

Workout at home: It can be hard to find the motivation to go to the gym or exercise outside when it’s cold, so the best solution is to work out at home. You can stream a workout video to make it more fun. There’s plenty of resources online, from yoga lessons, to cardio workouts… No excuses not to get fit in your living room.

Get some sunshine: We all probably suffer from a vitamin D deficiency during the winter months, so it is important to take every chance you get to soak up some sun. Plan short walks during the day or outdoor activities for the weekend, and don’t forget vitamin D is essential for your immune system, so if you can’t get much sun consider vitamin D supplements.

Your home is your castle (so keep it nice and warm)

Turning your home into a place you actually enjoy living in is important all year round, but it is specially crucial during the winter months since we spend more time indoors. Keep on reading to discover a few tips to turn your home into your Winter Palace.

Keep your house warm: Keeping your house at the right temperature is crucial in winter. The ideal temperature is between 19 and 22 degrees, 20 degrees to be more exact. Also dress appropriately if you do not have heating at home and never forget the classics: hot tea, thick socks and filling a hot water bottle and placing it underneath a blanket to keep you warm.

Cozy decor: Get the warmth you are craving at home with the right decor. Use rugs to style the rooms, but also keep your feet warm, especially if you have tile flooring. Keep the winter palette neutral, but add some sunny tones like orange to stay in that summer state of mind. And add plenty of pillows and blankets that will make you want to curl up while lighting some (or many) candles and drinking a hot chocolate.

Warm clothes - but make it fashion

Getting dressed in the winter months can be quite a challenge, and it’s easy to end up looking like Joey wearing all of Chandler's clothes (epic). But they don’t call it Winter Fashion for no reason.

Keep your head warm (and your hands & feet): The Holy Trinity to keep your body warm, yet we often forget about them. Wearing a warm hat in winter is crucial since it keeps the rest of our body warm. Remember this: hands, feet and head work in unison to keep your body at the right temperature. So when planning your winter wardrobe, invest in good thermal socks and gloves and a cool wool beanie (trendy and warm!).

Layer in style: Your number one goal should be to keep your body warm. It's all about the base layer: it should be tight-fitting and made of a thin, breathable fabric that still keeps you warm. Silk or merino wool are ideal, and opt for a turtleneck style for the colder days. Add leggings and you’ll have the ultimate winter base layer.

Choose the right fabrics: Not all fabrics are cold-friendly. Wool is the star of the show when it comes to winter fabrics. If you find it is too heavy or itchy, try merino or cashmere. Cotton, on the contrary, is the least ideal for winter.

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