DOGS&CO Collection
DOGS&CO Collection

Their name. Your story.

Inspired by the emotional bond between humans and animals, the Dogs&Co signature capsule is a collection of unique letter pet charms: a sophisticated and touching statement that celebrates love, friendship, and loyalty.

Countless shades of labradorite, aquamarine, and zircons are the protagonists of these charms; hand-carved semi precious stones are set in a delicate round disc plated in 18k gold. The design stands out with an industrial-style hook that secures the charm onto your best friend’s collar. Specially created to match the letters collection and make the ultimate statement with both your initials.

Une déclaration unique pour déclarer à quel point votre animal de compagnie est unique pour vous. Un rappel quotidien du pouvoir des liens et de l’affection.

Always by your side.
Always your best friend.


The Limited Edition Letters Pet Charms by PDPAOLA.