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Get To Know the team! Q&A with Susana



I LOVE WHAT I DO BECAUSE: I am passionate about the world of communication. I am lucky to work with the most enjoyable elements in this area: influencer marketing, press, and events.

A RITUAL I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Calling my parents to tell them I love them. I live far away from my family. I love to call them everyday in the morning and also to wish them goodnight. It’s a simple gesture that keeps us very united. My family motto: never hesitate to say “I love you”.

MY BEST MOMENT AT WORK: The personal bond that is created with external collaborators. It is very gratifying to see the affection with which they treat PDPAOLA and I love the relationship of trust that is created by working together.

MY BIGGEST HOBBY: Acquire and play with the coolest fashion magazines every month. I cut out those photos that inspire me and create my own board-style moodboards. It is an exercise that helps me be creative and keep up with trends.

MY WORKWEAR UNIFORM: A suit with an oversized blazer and straight trousers. I pair it with Majestica earrings, Talisman necklace, my Eternum bracelet and I use to play with many rings to complete the look.

MY FAVORITE DRINK: Vanilla Frappuccino

MY MUSE: The Olsen twins and Julia Roberts. They are icons of the classic style, comfortable but with a femininity and elegance that I love. I am also inspired by Alexa Chung and Victoria Beckham for the image of fashion business women that they convey in each look. My favorite street style: Hailey Bieber.

MY FAVORITE SPRING OUTFIT: Oversized white shirt dress with ruffles and strap sandals

MY DREAM JOB WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL: Talent agent. From the age of 12 my favorite game was “the commercials”. It consisted of dramatizing the advertising that we would do if we were the creative managers of an advertising agency with a theme or a brand. I always imagined myself with a phone in hand coordinating events, calling suppliers and speaking to the press. I have never named my dream job, but I can say that I am very close to it.

THE SUNSET I CAN’T FORGET: 2016. July 15th. Santorini

A JOURNEY TO REPEAT ENDLESSLY: I will never get bored of Paris. Strolling through vintage stores, eating a slice of pizza near the Sena, the crêpes’ aroma in Montmartre, or just sitting down on a bench admiring the city.

MY LIFE MOTTO: Nobody regrets being brave

MY FAVORITE SONG: Stand By Me by Florence and The Machine

CURRENTLY IN MY PDPAOLA SHOPPING CART: A ring from a collection that is about to be launched: House of Beetles
Ring Stacking
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