House of Beetles

A deep delight on nature's details. The crystallized jewelry spiritual kingdom.

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A deep delight on nature details
the crystallized spiritual kingdom

The secret canvas of nature stands in this collection, where glossy beetles encapsulate a mystical aura in a new design language. A lost paradise is found in these tiny creatures, creating signature pieces that reflect courage, balance, wisdom and strength. In a transformative scenario, an enduring love for wildlife represented by shapes and delicate details builds a whimsical sense of beauty.


These one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are built with Labradorite and color crystals, wounding their way into a perfect iridescent language where light takes over in their inside like a statement of the force of nature. Apple green, champagne and alexand violet hues glorify the details of these insects, soft-toned stones that are accompanied with a 925 silver base and an 18k gold plating. Amulets in the shape of necklaces, earrings and rings honor these mythological creatures with a minimalist yet contemporary aesthetic. Miracle-creators, magic-makers: organic guises carrying the empire of elegance.


Courage Beetle

Represented in green and orange hues, inner strength and tenacity are the flagship of this beetle. Symbol of heroism and attitude, it is a fighting spirit capable of moving mountains.

Balance Beetle

As its name suggests, finding the balance between the physical and the spiritual is his mantra. This beetle pursues harmony in life, protecting the soul as the most important entity.

Wisdom Beetle

Releasing the wisdom of the soul, this dark-hued beetle is the flag of consciousness and knowledge. Intelligence totem, it values ​​the day to day and its small discoveries.

Luck Beetle

A beetle with soft and multicolored tones that emanates good energies in its path, having as its center the value of life, time, and as its name suggests, good luck.

Strength Beetle

Symbol of greatness and power, this beetle seeks the balance between inner strength and power projected outside. Symbolized through large colored stones, it champions and celebrates the power of unity.