Established in 2015 by siblings Paola and Humbert Sasplugas following Paola’s childhood passion for jewelry, PDPAOLA has grown from a digitally native brand to a brand with a global presence. Our journey began with a mission to create jewelry that transcends trends and serves as the gateway to a world of self-expression.

At the heart of PDPAOLA lies our team of more than 200 talented and passionate individuals. Our head office and design studio are located in Barcelona, where we bring our vision to life: creating a brand that goes beyond the jewelry world.


Our vision

Jewelry for wherever life takes you

We believe that jewelry should be a reflection of your personal journey, and accompany you through every twist and turn. Our pieces are designed to be versatile, adaptable, and enduring, so you can wear them effortlessly day or night. We strive to create jewelry that seamlessly blends into everyday life and will become an expression of your individuality.

"For us jewelry is a powerful tool of self-expression, and our pieces are designed to enable each individual to tell their unique story."

— Paola Sasplugas, Creative Director



With an in-house design team, PDPAOLA is committed to pushing the boundaries of contemporary jewelry design. We draw inspiration from the world around us, blending timeless elegance with modern elements to create pieces that transcend seasons, reflecting the effortless sophistication that is at the very core of our brand.

Our core jewelry collection is crafted in 18K gold-plated silver and natural gemstones, which play a major role in our collections, while our fine jewelry line is crafted in 18K recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds.



The art of making each piece by hand is the essence of our pieces and what makes them genuinely unique. From choosing the perfect natural gemstones to transforming them into a PDPAOLA piece, our skilled artisans carefully execute each step.

The gemstones are genuinely cut and polished to suit each design, ensuring quality, beauty, and uniqueness in every piece. It is a labor-intensive process that showcases the skill and dedication of our team. From the intricate details to the overall quality, every piece of jewelry is crafted with love and attention to detail.



At PDPAOLA, we are committed to driving forward positive change in the jewelry industry. We recognize the responsibility we have to make a difference, not only in creating beautiful pieces but also in ensuring that our practices are responsible and ethical.

To align with our commitment, we have introduced responsible materials into our collections, including recycled silver, recycled 18K gold, and lab-grown diamonds. By utilizing these materials, we aim to reduce our environmental impact and foster a more circular economy.

We believe that every small step counts, and we are dedicated to lessening our impact in every aspect of our business operations — from sourcing materials to manufacturing and packaging.

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