Jewelry for Women who
their Glow

Let your genuine nature glow. It's that simple. At PDPAOLA we're all about creating pieces that allow you to express yourself in your own authentic way.

In the spirit of the brand lies the adventure of self-discovery, the celebration of who you are and who you aspire to become. Unassuming essentials with a twist so you can be bold and shine by your own accord.

Every collection is the creation of a new world for the woman of today who is style-conscious, independent, and unapologetically herself. We like to call it rebellious elegance with the right amount of effortless cool.

PDPAOLA - New era
PDPAOLA - New era

When Our Sisters Shine
We All Shine

Women have always been our main source of inspiration, motivation and strength. There's no force like women coming together to support each other; because we know that we are all part of something much bigger than ourselves or a brand.

PDPAOLA embraces the many forces of femininity that tend to pull us in different directions searching for that perfect balance with confidence, poise and a wink. It's about questioning conventions and exploring what it means to be a woman today through every piece, collection and wearer.

PDPAOLA - New era
PDPAOLA - New era

—It is you who sets the standard that we strive to exceed by creating timeless jewelry with a touch of understated glamour to accompany you through every joy and challenge of life.


The Story

Inspired by a family of strong and multifaceted women, siblings Paola and Humbert, founded PDPAOLA in 2014 out of their desire to create a brand that could resonate with today's modern woman and accompany her in the many roles she takes on in life.

After abandoning their respective careers they made their passion for design and jewelry a lifelong project, and honouring women their mission. Today we are proud to create pieces that bring a little joy and sparkle to women's everyday lives in over 112 countries, and counting. It’s a dream come true!


One Team one Dream

My how we have grown! At the beginning there were just a few of us. Today PDPAOLA is a continuously growing family who works passionately and closely together to build a brand we are super proud to be a part of.

From design and image to the manufacturing and delivery, every team member at our headquarters is dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. Together we laugh, get creative and find ways to share them with you. Our goal is to inspire the women, who at the same time, inspire us every day with stories, experiences and topics that matter and are too good not to share.

PDPAOLA - One Team one dream
PDPAOLA - One Team one dream

Better Together

Above anything else, we know that we are all part of something bigger and more important than ourselves or a brand. Every day we put our heart and soul into making PDPAOLA as awesome as possible, but we know that we can do more. This is where the amazing women who drive our spirit come in to help us go that extra mile.

Thanks to women like you, every year since 2016 we’ve been able to contribute with Plan International and other organizations by donating a percentage of our proceedings generated through our yearly Women’s Day campaigns. More recently, we donated part of the sales of the Aisha Collection to the Afrikable organisation based in the island of Lamu in Kenya.

From the bottom of our hearts at PDPAOLA, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to all of those who in one way or another contributed to these causes. There are many more to come! Whether it's a purchase, a direct donation or even just a message of courage, every little bit helps make a difference.

PDPAOLA - Better Together
PDPAOLA - Better Together

The Road Ahead

When we first started out, we didn't think of identifying ourselves as a sustainable jewelry brand and, for now, we cannot claim that we are. However, we do believe environmental and social responsibility is the way forward.

It's a process that we’ve already started and will take time as it needs careful thought, planning and implementation. We're certain it's not only achievable but totally worth it!

It all starts by opening up the conversation, looking at what needs to change and starting by being the most responsible we can be with ourselves, within our brand. It's a journey we have decided to embark on and we're counting on you to join us along the way to become better every day. Stay tuned!