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The Icons speak to your individuality and celebrate the art of personalization. Featuring distinctive drop shaped natural gemstones like labradorite and aventurine as well as hand-set pavé, these pieces are the perfect blend of design and craftsmanship. At the core of the collection lies the pendants, a canvas for creativity to stack on hoops or necklaces. Unlock a new jewelry language and express yourself like never before.
A new jewelry language
The drop pendants
Drops of self-expression
Equally contemporary and timeless, the pendants let you embrace an ever-changing collection. Choose your pendants, mix & match colors, textures and sizes to create a hoop or necklace combination that speaks to you. Enter a world of personalization where every detail is celebrated.
Celebrate the magic
of creating a stack that
is your own
Your hoop stack
Choose a single hoop as the foundation of your looks, then add your favorite pendants: unleash your imagination and discover the endless possibilities.
Your necklace style
Master necklace layering with the Stacker Clasp necklace: a piece designed so you can add as many pendants as you want and customize it your way.
Crafted for uniqueness
From rough stone to icon
The Icons collection is a testament to artistry and dedication. Each piece starts as a rough natural gemstone, carefully selected for its unique qualities and valued for its beauty and rarity. With meticulous craftsmanship, these stones are then cut and hand-polished by our artisans and transformed into sophisticated pieces.
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