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Behind Zodiac: The Stars that are Forever Glowing

Mysticism, magic, the power of dreaming, and the beautiful mystery of discovering ourselves every day. At PDPAOLA we’re on a constant journey of discovering who we are together.

And in this sense, for many of our fans, astrology offers a fascinating way of seeing life, interpreting personalities, and how we relate to others. However, the reason behind the creation of the Zodiac goes a little bit beyond that and we wanted to share more about it.

More than just a small tribute to the zodiac signs that reflect the position of the sun at the time we were born, this collection catered to our need to connect with what’s important to our fans. We wanted to create something informed by our muses: the PDPAOLA women. Something that was not only significant for them but also fun and beautiful.

The Infinity of the stars

Rather than depicting the more commonly used zodiac symbols, for us, it felt more authentic, subtle, and elegant to represent the signs with gem-studded star constellations encircled in a gold “floating oval.”

“The oval is not only the frame, but it contains every zodiac sign representing and highlighting the importance of each one of them,” says Paola Sasplugas creative director of PDPAOLA.
Semi-precious stones represent stars and the gold circle that contains them represents the infinity of the universe. At the same time, the oval shape is a reminder of the movements of planets in elliptical orbits around the sun.

A gem-studded chromatic language

At the same time, another aspect that we wanted to incorporate into Zodiac to make it extra special was the use of color and natural stones. “Colour is increasingly becoming a representation of our attitude towards life,” says Paola, “and what better way than color to enrich and symbolize each sign?”

For this reason, every sign is made with special colored stones set in gold with a unique design for each zodiac constellation. Stones like Rose quartz, labradorite, malachite, lapis lazuli, and tiger eye not only have their own meanings within astrology, but their colours also come from the raw materials of the earth.

This way, all the elements seamlessly connect forming a chromatic language that inevitably manifests itself in the essence of PDPAOLA while evoking the beauty and pureness of earth.

Unique and forever glowing

It was important that the uniqueness of each sign represented in the charms was also preserved in the earring version of the pieces. For this reason, it made sense for only one earring of the pair to represent the constellation. The other earring emulates other stars of the galaxy accompanying the main constellation.

In this sense, our Zodiac earrings are a beautiful reminder that stars, just like us, are anything but alone in this amazing and infinite universe and that we are unique and forever glowing.