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Viso e orecchini: Il tuo abbinamento perfetto esiste

The earrings are the perfect complement for any time of the year, being many times the differentiator in your daily looks. And its universe and possibilities are endless. Therefore, it can be difficult to choose the most appropriate for each one of us. In addition to adapting and following your personal style, it is important to take into account the morphology of our face to enhance that beauty that emanates in you.

To know which are the best earrings for your face is not an easy task, the relationship between earrings and your face is sacred. To confirm that you are choosing correctly, the most important thing to take into account is the shape of your face, its morphology, so you can enhance the highlights and further improve its visual structure. Although it is difficult to verify that there is a strict rule, we have tried to categorize face morphologies to correlate with the type of slopes that, in our opinion, may favor them the most:

Earrings for long faces
The width of your face is narrow but long. That is why it is convenient to add elements that visually curve your face. The dangling and small earrings will be the best option for you, adding contrast to the shape of your face. Do not forget: wearing thin and super elongated earrings can be a mistake, as they will further emphasize a vertical aspect of the total look.

Earrings for rounded faces
If you belong to this group, your face has the following characteristics: there is the same length from the tip of the nose to any point on the perimeter of the face, it is slightly wider at the cheekbones, and the chin line is rounded. Therefore, it is interesting to seek to visually lengthen the appearance with the earrings you choose. Thin or super long earrings are perfect to achieve this effect. Small or round earrings, on the other hand, can become your worst ally.

Earrings for ovalish faces
Versatility is your ally! Your forehead and chin are symmetrical and maintain an oval shape up to the jaw. Any earring fits the shape of your face, as it is super adaptable to all kinds of styles and shapes. On one hand, long earrings will accentuate your contour. Rounder shaped earrings, on the other hand, will expand your facial silhouette. The decision is up to you!

Earrings for squarish face
If you belong to this group, the width of your forehead and your jaw are very similar, and your chin is square or flat. You can find the balance between the angles of your face with the earrings you choose. Hoop earrings and long earrings will help you achieve this. Want a wise advice? Avoid square earrings.

Earrings for heart shaped faces
In addition to having a more pointed chin, your face has a broad forehead and the jaw line tapers towards the chin. Your mission? Reduce the angles of the chin to make the feel more rounded. Drop earrings with a rounded end and teardrop earrings will help you show this effect.

So far everything interesting that we’ve been able to extract based on personal experiences of the team. We hope this brief summary will be helpful for you in future acquisitions.