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Get To Know the team! Q&A with Myriam Lanowith


AT PDPAOLA I WORK AS: Wholesale Manager
I am part of the B2B team with my gal pals Anna and Elena!

I LOVE WHAT I DO BECAUSE: I love being in contact with our customers
I love having the opportunity to work surrounded by jewelry! But I especially like when our customers get to know our team and beliefs. It is very rewarding for me to experience the growth of our relationships: from the moment when we meet for the first time to the moment when relationship is formalised. The most important thing for me is to be able to transmit the essence of what we believe in so they can be part of the team too! It is all very satisfying!

MY WORK-WEAR UNIFORM: Simple, classic and, elegant (I hope)
I'd say fitted jeans, a loose white shirt, flat shoes and big hoop earrings.

MY FAVORITE SUMMER OUTFIT: A flowy pastel long dress with flat sandals

FAVORITE DRINK: Le Mimi Cocktail & my husband’s wine recommendations

Ok let me explain this one: About 8 years ago, a close friend of mine opened a restaurant in Paris called La Mangerie. It’s one of my go-to places whenever I’m back visiting. To pay tribute to his loyal customers (myself included) he created a cocktail called Le Mimi. It was such a honour! The cocktail is made with vodka, basil, strawberry syrup and lime juice. A very feminine and very dangerous cocktail too! ;) It’s basically the best cocktail in the world! Also, I am lucky to be married to a wine lover who always has very good wines to offer me (I never turn down a glass of Meursault).

MY MUSE: Simone Veil
In fact, any woman who has fought for our rights. Simone Veil fought for women’s abortion rights in France. She is a warrior, she has come a long way and is an Auschwitz survivor. I am passionate about her journey.

MY DREAM JOB WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL: A Broadway star in Alvin Ailey's dance group

A RITUAL I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT: Happiest girl with some long phone chats and a good movie
It would be very difficult for me not to have my hours of phone conversations with my parents, my brother and my friends. With distance it’s vital! I love the cinema, I go regularly alone or with my husband; I feel comfortable on my own in the movie theatre, the lights dim out and I let myself get drawn into the story. On a rainy Sunday, I can watch up to 3 movies in a row! Books are an invaluable source of knowledge me too. I love the feeling of not wanting to flip the last page of a book so that the story never ends.

MY BEST MOMENT AT WORK: Can’t choose one! It’s more of a general feeling

Four years ago, I left Paris for Montreal and then Barcelona. In each of these stages, I had to relearn how to find a job, understand markets that where completely different from France, with different cultures, different languages, etc. It was a real challenge that teaches you to be humble and I think I did it!

MY LIFE MOTTO: Don’t regret mistakes, take responsibility for them
Fear doesn’t go away you overcome it. You don’t shout out love, you show it.” Simone Veil.

MY FAVORITE SONG: Any Stevie Wonder song
I consider him the genius. And if I had to choose one in particular, one that makes me very happy: Another Star.

CURRENTLY IN MY PDPAOLA SHOPPING CART: Euphoria gold earrings and Amore silver necklace