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Nail it!

with @yeswhatnails

Because you know (& we know) it's all about vibrant hues and fun in the sun.
This is the ultimate summer guide to level up your hand game and master the art of matching your jewelry.

Livin’ On The Edge
Think lime green, extra hot pink and flaming orange

Why not give the classic French manicure a little punch by swapping the white polish for bright and lively hues?
Throw on the dreamy Aisha collection rings in absinthe green, lilac, peach, red for an unbeatable eye-popping combination.

Half & Half
Who said stripes were only for clothing?

Undecided on which colour to wear? Get both! You can even add a third hue for an even more powerful effect.
Match your polish with olive essentials and Papillon ring for the right touch of sparkle.

Mint Condition
Huge this season: sherbet hues

Try playing with pastel blocking and whimsical round prints like crescent moons or water droplet shapes. Neon and pastel colors combos are also a fun idea to try.
Ad the Citric bundle mixed with the Lime Blush ring and some essential for a hint of dainty delicacy.

Minimal Matisse
Your nails are a white canvas

Works of art painted right on your nails? Yes please. Try playing with swirls of minimal lines to draw shapes, objects faces... let your imagination flow!
To finish up you mini nail art gallery, some minimal sparkle will be the perfect addition. Add the bond (engravable) bracelet if you want to make it even more personal.