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Reset your mind, body and soul: The Ultimate Life Detox

Being a modern, global citizen is challenging. From minor events to significant crises, stress is an inevitable part of life. And as if work and tending to family responsibilities weren't enough, there's also a deep-seated pressure to keep up with social media, friends and to be available via text practically 24/7.

While it's true we cannot control our circumstances in most cases, we can control how we react. Learning to manage those ever-present feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm is key to preserving physical and mental health.

Taking just a few minutes to pause and reset yourself will relieve you of stress, give you a much-needed energy boost and aid mental clarity to tackle the day ahead. Here are some simple strategies that to help you achieve just that.

The Mini-Meditation Guide

You don't have to do it for hours on end or become a Tibetan monk as many would think. Even a 5-minute meditation can have benefits on our mental wellbeing.

Whether you want to start your day with a clear mind or recover from having a long one, try this mini-meditation guide to pause from all the thinking and doing, and allow yourself to reset. We recommend doing it for five minutes at least. But do go for more if you're feeling like it!

First, embrace stillness and silence. Take a break from being in control and just be. Focus on your breath, your thoughts (in a non-judgmental way) and body sensations. Let go of thoughts that dwell on the past, and the anxiety-inducing mindset of worrying about the future. Harness the present moment.

When distracting thoughts pop into your mind, (because they will and it's ok), observe them without judgement and let them go. Then, focus back on deep breathing and staying in the present.

It may seem counterintuitive, but movement is one of the best ways to declutter the mind. If additionally, you can go out in nature for a walk or stretching, even better! Nature can significantly enhance that relaxing experience and make you feel more energized.

A "walking off" negative emotions is a great stress-releasing strategy. This is because synergizing physical activity with scenic views seems to mitigate the effects of stressful life events and perceived stress, which improves mental wellbeing.

Try walking home after work, or during your lunch break, if you have access to a park or a natural setting, don't hesitate to go there. Notice the color of the leaves and flowers, pay attention to the sounds, observe passersby, take the time to mindfully appreciate your surroundings, so refreshing!

Old-Fashioned Writing makes Life Magical Changes

Maybe you were the kind to have sticker-covered notebooks during your school days filled with thoughts and drawings. Or perhaps, you kept a lock-and-key diary with your deepest secrets hoping no one would ever find it.

If you've grown out of those habits, you might want to pick them up again. Writing down your thoughts and feelings provides a better understanding of them and can help you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health.

Indeed, there's something magical about old-fashioned writing. The world seems clearer when you can get your thoughts and feelings out of your head and down on paper. And now there's even science to back that up!

Putting pen to paper boosts working memory capacity and comprehension can strengthen your immunity, reduces stress and benefits overall emotional health.

How to do it? There's really no right or wrong way and it can be done at any time too: when you get up, during your commute to work or before bed.

Keep a notebook handy at all times and set aside a few minutes every day to write; this will help you create the habit. You don't necessarily need a certain structure, write whatever feels right, it’s you moment to express whatever you want, let the words flow!

In conclusion, a mini-plan of action to counteract difficult times can really make a difference in your happiness, wellbeing and overall productivity. Take your time and embrace these practices at your own pace. It’s only a matter of weeks (or even just days) until your life sees magical changes.