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The Power of Full Moon

A night with a full moon is a frequent event that never goes unnoticed. This is especially true now that the moon is very close to the earth and next October 16 another supermoon will be visible.

The moon is magical. We feel that we can almost touch it and take refuge in it, feeling it protects us like a mother who is always there for her children.

The enchantment of a night illuminated by this enormous sphere is mesmerizing. It bathes us with its silver light which invites us to observe its presence carefully, look inside ourselves and enter into harmony with the universe. The full moon generates a force of renewal.

The force of gravity of the moon influences our entire planet. We appreciate it with the naked eye in when observing the tides, noticing how the sea moves away and how it returns, several times a day and at different times depending on the moon phases.

Do the moon phases really affect us? Some are sceptical while others don't even dare question it as we are mostly made of water. Some studies say that more children are born after a supermoon. Meanwhile, some aquatic species follow the cycles of the moon for reproduction. Other animals find it easier to catch their prey in the nights of the new moon.

The moon is still idolized as a goddess; it is the representation of femininity par excellence. It symbolizes many feminine attributes.

For example, menstruation means, lunar month and it's common in some cultures to do offerings for fertility. The moon, through each of its phases, evokes the growing roundness of a pregnant woman as she gets closer to giving birth.

The moon is intuitive, mysterious and ever-changing. It "disappears”, but we know it's there even if it's hard to see. Then, it reappears showing only a part of itself, until finally, it becomes visible in all its round and textured splendour, but always keeping its 'hidden' side facing opposite the sun. This is the so-called dark side of the moon, which protects your vulnerability and saves your energy for when you need it the most.

Did you know the term "lunatic" is attributed to a changing personality? In psychology; the moon alludes to the inner self, fragility and sensitivity. While in astrology, it represents the mother with her protective and intuitive feelings, home and safety.

Like meditation and regular exercise, rituals around lunar energy are beneficial for health and mood as they lower stress and anxiety levels and build confidence. And because that's what we're all about here at PDPAOLA, we're presenting you a super cool moon ritual to fill you up with its positive and powerful energies while treating yourself to a much-needed self-care. Read on!


Got your lunar calendar ready? This ritual can be adapted to different tastes, habits and lifestyles and it's meant to help bring some positive changes in 29 days. Let's divide the rituals into the lunar phases:

The Day Before the New Moon

Shop for seasonal fruits and vegetables, including ginger, broccoli sprouts, avocado, coconut oil, oats, sea salt, honey, and nuts.
If possible the day before, don't put makeup on, let your skin rest, use only sunscreen.

New Moon

Turn off your mobile and screens. Light a candle. Listen to soothing music and begin to conduct your comprehensive cleaning ritual:

Avoid sugars and pastries and drink up a super healthy smoothie that can include avocado, broccoli, cucumber and lemon sprouts, it will help us cleanse our body of toxins and also nourishes and hydrates our skin.

Conduct facial and body cleansing. Prepare a homemade or commercial exfoliating face and body mask. An easy and effective option is the Japanese mask; rice water, honey and sea salt. After gently drying, apply a moisturizer and start reading a good book that you love. Continue the ritual daily until the next phase and remember to drink plenty of water and exercise.

Keep the cleanse going! Get rid of personal effects that you do not need and create your self-improvement lists (there will be three in total). The first list should contain the habits you want to eliminate.

Last Quarter

In this phase the energy of the moon can be felt already. It is half dark half light.

Pay attention to your hair and apply a hydrating mask to shine. From this phase until the full moon, it is ideal for getting a good haircut so that it grows stronger and more abundant.

Make your second list: People and situations that negatively affect your balance or mood.

Make the third list: words or phrases that don't affect you negatively and help to take control and give you strength when there's a conflict.

Full Moon

Take the time to relax your body and mind. Do facial hydration ritual with a mask. You could also take a hot bath and/or a massage. It is highly recommended to take a dip the ocean if you have access to it. The reflection of the full moon in the sea has magical effects on our health.

Take the third list and read it under the energy of the moon. Save it and reread it when you need it. Prepare lists 1 and 2 and fold them several times into a tiny piece of paper and place them in an ordinary bowl with water.

Finish the ritual by putting on special makeup and perfume and get out there looking like a goddess. Don't forget your PDPAOLA jewels for the final touch to reign under the light of the moon.

After this ritual, you will radiate an inner beauty that will show through your skin, your gestures and your language as a result of having taken care of yourself.

Finally, throw away the wet papers when the waning moon comes.