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The precious gemstones universe

One of the most magical things about jewelry is that each piece tells a unique story. From how it’s made, to the stones or materials in it, to their symbolism or to why that jewel was bought or gifted, there is a certain mystique around jewels that make them so special. And a huge part of it is due to the stones in them.

Semi-precious stones are a big part of PDPAOLA’s DNA. We believe they represent the natural glow in each woman and each of our semiprecious stones are hand-set, reflecting our love for craftsmanship and of crafting jewelry with meaning.

But as we walk you through this shimmering journey, it is important to start covering the basics: what are gemstones? And why are some stones considered precious and others are considered semi precious?

Precious vs. semi precious stones

Gemstones are minerals that stand out for their beauty and durability. They are cut and polished and fashioned into a piece of jewelry. In the 1800s, gems were classified into two main categories based on their value and rarity at the time: precious and semi precious stones. Precious stones were the Big Four gemstones: diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires- which were considered the most expensive and sought after. Semi precious stones were everything else: alexandrite, amethyst, agate, aquamarine, rose quartz… the list goes on.

This classification is no longer accepted by some gemologists, as it implies that some gems are better than others. What’s more, some of the so-called semi-precious stones can be worth much more than the so-called precious ones.

Basically, if we approach gems from a modern perspective, all of them are precious, since they provide a unique value to each piece of jewelry. Also, let’s not forget that due to their natural origin, each stone is one-of-kind, with a unique tone and hue, which results in exclusive designs: no two jewels are alike.

Valuable and unique

Each precious stone has its own unique hues, features, uses and symbolisms. Labradorite or “The stone of Courage”, is one of the most popular gems: its unique iridescent play of colours makes this gemstone very special, reflecting distinctive hues in each stone. Aquamarine or “the ocean turned into a stone”, is known for its beautiful bluish tones and healing properties, making this gem one of the preferred ones for jewelry decorations. A protector against negative energies, the Malachite stands out for its rich shade of green, which comes from the high copper levels in it.

The fascination with gems is not a new thing: they have been considered natural wonders since ancient times, in every culture and period. In Ancient Egypt, both women and men adorned themselves with charms and amulets made with beautiful gemstones, especially Lapis Lazuli and Quartz. Gems were also popular in Greece and the Roman Empire. Gemstones were a symbol of power and wealth: ornaments desired by everyone but worn only by a few.

But let’s come back to our time. Gems or (semi) precious stones keep alluring us and jewelry made with them seems to have an almost hypnotic effect. Their iridescent cosmic swirls get our imagination flowing, and they instantly become the centerpiece of each jewel, ready to steal all the looks and tell a magical story: your own story.