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The Road Ahead.

When we first started out with PDPAOLA our dream was to create exceptional jewelry pieces that would celebrate the strength, beauty and uniqueness in women around the world. Today we couldn’t be happier to say that it’s a dream come true that keeps growing and evolving.

At the time, we didn't think of labeling ourselves as a sustainable jewelry brand and the truth is we can’t claim that we are now. However we are fully aware that, now more than ever, social and environmental responsibility is not only the way forward but one of the more important things we need to do and must improve at.

We believe we can no longer afford the luxury of ignoring sustainable practices and the impact we have on our planet. But we also believe that creating amazing products and experiences for our customers is not incompatible with a sustainable, ethical and more responsible future.

Take the Copenhagen-based brand Ganni for example. It has never claimed to be “green” but it has introduced over 30 social and environmental responsible initiatives in the past year. Some include adding more organic & recycled fabrics to their collections, giving back programmes and clothing rental.

Woman-focused label Reformation uses mostly eco-fabrics, and set a goal to make 75% of their products with top grade sustainable materials. For their part Everlane puts great emphasis on ethical manufacturing and material sourcing and reveals the true costs behind their products.

It’s about looking for ways to be better every day, bit by bit. It’s about making little changes that in the long run will have a compound effect that will really add up. It’s an approach that we like and believe is fair.

It all starts by opening up the conversation, looking at what needs to change and starting by being the most responsible we can be within our brand.

For this reason, we’ve now embarked on the road to a more sustainable future. We’re working on the next steps which will take time and patience, but we’re very excited about what’s to come.

The truth is most of us want to be better and kinder to our planet and those around us. It’s not just about PDPAOLA or brands doing their part, we can all make better choices. An authentic and heartfelt group effort is what will truly yield results.

See you on the road!