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Women’s Day 2022: WOMEN THAT MOVE US

International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day that was first celebrated over a century ago as a call to action for accelerating women’s social, economic, cultural and political equality.

Women’s Day is just a reminder of the issues and the women we should celebrate every-single-day. And this is something we take very seriously.

Women are crucial to our brand and business, what’s more: 74% of the people that make our company are women. As such, we strive to forge an inclusive work culture where women’s achievements are celebrated and their careers can thrive. We also encourage women to find their voice, and feel confident expressing their individuality.

“Women's struggle to find a fair place in the workplace is still a fact, so to have the opportunity to work with so many women makes me feel proud. It is a sign that things are changing and the business world is evolving and understanding talent as something totally unrelated to gender.” Laura, Digital Marketing Specialist.

This year is decisive for us, as we are redefining our brand, our values or “The Things that Move Us”, so we thought Women’s Day was the perfect occasion to celebrate the women that move us: our colleagues and friends.

“I am very lucky to work with intelligent, creative and, most importantly, fun women. Wherever you look, you see women who are passionate about what they do and that is contagious.” Helena, Digital Marketing Specialist.

For this year’s campaign, we took our brand’s core values as our departure point (confidence, boldness, creativity, humbleness and family) and asked a few of our colleagues what value they felt represented them most. We also talked about their female role models, how working with other women inspires them and what these values mean to them.

“Working with women is amazing. I feel I can identify with them and understand them, and the best part is being able to accompany them on their journey. Even if we are all unique and have different personalities… there’s still this invisible connection between us.” Paola, Founder.

We hope you join us in our celebration of women, equality and sisterhood, and invite you to ask this question to yourself: who are the women that move you?