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Women’s Day: fighting for girls’ rights with Plan International

Representing vital values ​​for women, from PDPAOLA we connect with a key purpose of our generation: to pursue a better future for girls and young women in developing countries.

One more year and in collaboration with Plan International Foundation, our main purpose is to fight for the rights of girls around the world, helping the organization with a donation of all the benefits of the amulet necklace designed for the occasion. This contribution would not be possible without our community, since all the resources generated are thanks to your purchases, which facilitate the work of Plan International in this area.

Plan International is an example in the fight for women’s rights. We have previously collaborated with them and our entire team fully trusts their tenacity, commitment and professionalism in their performance. It is an exemplary foundation with which we feel identified ”, shares Paola Sasplugas, founder of the brand.

The foundation opened its doors in 1937, providing aid to children orphaned by the Spanish Civil War. His work scope has been growing, gaining influence around the world and embracing new causes. ‘Girls get equal’ is one of the main projects of Plan International and to which we adhere. Inequality, one of its axes, is one of the main problems in developing societies.

Empowering future generations of women, this project aims for women to gain a place in their community or country and open their future to new possibilities. Its purposes include eradicating gender-based violence, working against child marriages, and developing its own potential. Education becomes the working tool, understood as the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and inequality. As the organization explains, "during our work in different countries, we have realized that the development of communities is totally linked to guaranteeing access to education for a whole generation, without excluding girls." Plan International also works against female genital mutilation, teenage pregnancy, and female discrimination.

“Women's Day is a very special event for us, embodying one of our human principles. For this reason, we wanted to honor this day with an action that helps the cause in its entirety, leaving aside company purposes ”, explains Paola.

Because we have the power to change the world and because there is so much to do, let's join forces for the empowerment of women. From here, we thank all the people, foundations and brands in the world that have been carrying out efforts in this direction.