The Manifesto

I gioielli essenziali della nostra vita.
una vera e propria dichiarazione di intenti.
Dalle donne e per le donne.
Leggi, lasciati incantare, ripeti.

1 We will celebrate our perfectly imperfect life with simplicity and honesty (Girl, it’s cool to be kind).
2 We will trust our fierce soul. Our heart will follow.
3 We will be loyal to our 15-minute rule: morning tea, a grand plan in mind, no make up & (still) fabulous.
4 We will become friends with strangers and have conversations about love & the universe.
5 We will secretly notice details that no one else sees.
6 We will know how to take care of ourselves. We will also know when we deserve another slice of cake.
7 We will let our eyes talk. And they will say it all.
8 We will dress to kill for the wild nights. Because we never regret an “Oops, I did it again”.
9 We will dance our fears away. And we will get over it.
And above all: We will be Women. P D PAOLA Manifesto