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10 Movies with the right amount of glow

Some movies are popularized by directing talent. Others, because of the casting. And, some of the most timeless films that we know (or recommend discovering) stand out because of the leading role that jewelry plays in the narration and in the staging.

In Hollywood history, costume and jewelry design has been and continues to be one of the most important aspects when it comes to producing a movie. Accessories direct our imagination and are a primary part of the inspiration for the film itself, creating the aura of context and characters. In addition, being a great category awarded within the Oscars, the fixation in this area in the production is essential.

From historical films to the most fantastic, jewelry portrays cinema. We have created a list of 10 films with which to enjoy this environment and let the brilliance of your imagination fly:

Marie Antoinette (2006)
One of Sophia Coppola's best-known films, she won the Oscar for best costume thanks to the work of Milena Canonero. Opulent diamonds appear in different jewelry and accessories throughout the film, showcasing spectacular pieces that look from the French queen to all the members of the court. Although with a dash of whimsy added, we couldn't recognize the true 18th century without all these spectacular pieces of jewelry.

Cleopatra (1963)
Elizabeth Taylor's wardrobe budget in Cleopatra reached $ 200,000. Perhaps that is why the opulence and luxurious jewelry make this film a very pleasant obligation. Bracelets, belts, necklaces and headdresses create the aura of this classic, with great Hollywood stars as protagonists: Taylor and Burton. Get inspired by the golden years of Ancient Egypt.

Ninotchka (1939)
Easy and sparkle bourgeois USSR society is reflected in this movie. Greta Garbo plays the main role in this thriller with a catching plot: a mission to sell confiscated jewelry to help feed Soviet society. One of the most wonderful phrases about jewelry was said in this movie: “They are terrible things, those jewels… They are the tears of Old Russia”.

Anna Karenina (2012)
The Hollywood adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's tragic romance Anna Karenina has jewelry as the main focus of costume design. Jacqueline Durran was the designer, who spoke about how, thanks to Keira Knightley's collaboration with Chanel, the haute couture brand loaned diamonds valued at $ 2 million (in different pieces of jewelry) to use in the film. These pieces become the perfect touch to show the public the luxurious style of the Russian aristocrats of the time.

To catch a thief (1955)
Another classic film in which diamonds and jewelry take center stage. The film's plot, starring Grace Kelly and Cary Grant, is about a jewel thief complemented by a glamorous love story. After watching the film, we understand why it won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography.

Gentlemen prefer blondes (1953)
In this memorable film, Marilyn Monroe's words "diamonds are a woman's best friend" became a true statement. Jewelry represents, per se, another character during history, taking us to a world of vanity where money and luxury are the rulers of life.

The Great Gatsby (2013)
Heading into the roaring twenties, this adaptation of Scott Fitzgerald's bestseller opens the door to the magical and glamorous life of the moment. Carey Mulligan plays Daisy, the title role in the film, and has the opportunity to wear a variety of jewelry, from magnificent tiaras to dreamy necklaces. The best? All the pieces were created especially for the movie.

Carol (2015)
A love story set in 1952 and starring Cate Blanchett, it is the setting where the elegant 1950s are reflected in both jewelry and looks. Oscar-winning designer Sandy Powell brought the power of an era to life with jewelry and clothing sets depicted on a wealthy New Jersey mother and wife.

Jackie (2016)
Jackie Kennedy's taste in fashion and jewelry is known to all. This film reflects his elegant style of clothing, jewelry and watches. Natalie Portman takes on the lead role, sporting the iconic jewelry pieces that have been photographed in Miss Kennedy over the years. All designs were made for the film, adapting each piece in a contemporary style.

My Fair Lady (1964)
It's not Audrey Hepburn's best-known film, but this one is as dazzling as some of her other blockbusters. Edwardian style, especially hair jewelry, is the star throughout the entire film. Joseff Of Hollywood, the jeweler of the great studios that embellished American films from 1930 to 1950, was commissioned to create all the designs paying tribute to style, shine and elegance.