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Into the Letters jewelry universe. From A to Z: you name it

“Nice to meet you! What’s your name again?”

Oh, names —the first thing people want to know about us. It’s the first link of the connection’s chain: with everyone around us and with ourselves. Names carry a strong connotation about our identity and definitely bring a sense of uniqueness to the table.

A name, just like any other item in fashion, can have endless layers of meaning and evoke all sorts of feelings. Two people may have the exact same name, but oh boy, chances are they are going to be perceived in a very different way. And there lies the power of a name: it’s the perfect getaway to showcase your own essence.

Names come to the jewelry scene like a superstar. Personalized jewelry has become a must-have among people of all ages, with initial necklaces being the cherry on top of the cake.


And actually, spoiler alert: this is no new trend. Such sophisticated statement jewelry dates back to the Victorian Era. In the 16th century, initial pendants became popular pieces of jewelry among the royals, serving as a symbol of status. From Queen Anne Boleyn’s famous portrait with her ‘B’ initial choker-style necklace to Princess Diana’s ‘D’ charm, one thing is clear: this jewelry piece screams self-ownership.

So, what’s with monogram jewelry that is so appealing? A few reasons come to mind:

Uniqueness on point: don’t we all love having free rein to wear pieces with a backstory to it? Personalized jewelry gives us the possibility to share a part of ourselves, whether it’s showing our initials to the world or our dog’s.

• Dose of mystery: the magical thing about monogram necklaces and bracelets is the curiosity that it awakens. Initial jewelry has a mysterious appeal, it leaves people wondering what that letter stands for.

• A timeless go-to: the best part? This all-time-favourite is never out of style. A letter necklace and bracelet have a classic and elegant design that goes with literally anything.

The letters jewelry has become a brand’s signature, and it holds a very special place in our heart. We envision initial jewelry as an ode to our inner stories, an identity statement that doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s the celebration of yourself and everything that has a special meaning to you, be it a city that you cherish, a platonic love, a sister from another mister… the choice is yours.


The Letter capsules feature all the initials in the abecedary with different designs. In each collection we reimagine them, making the Letters universe a rich one. From the Gemstone Letter Necklaces, crafted in 18K gold plated embellished with Labradorite, Tiger Eye, Mother of Pearl and crystals, to the Diamond Letter Necklaces, crafted in 18K white or yellow gold embellished with diamonds. From A to Z, whatever your style, there is a letter for you.


The new approach for this Letter’s collection focuses on adding value to the design. “When we were working on the Mini Letters, we took vintage designs as inspiration and decided to do a modern reinterpretation with more polished lines. The result? Vintage pieces with a contemporary twist.” - Paola Sasplugas, Creative Director and CEO.

The Mini Letter Necklaces feature a floating shimmering letter framed by an octagon. Crafted in 18K gold-plated Sterling Silver, the letters’ uniqueness lies in their detailed craftsmanship: premium quality zirconias set in rhodium plated prongs for a final look of uniform brilliance.


It’s the first time PDPAOLA ventures into the Letter Bracelets world and we wanted to make something truly special and timeless.

The Letter Bracelets feature a shimmering letter that blends in elegantly with the chain –the epitome of sophistication and charm. Crafted in 18K gold-plated Sterling Silver and premium quality zirconias set in rhodium plated prongs, they are definitely a wear-me-anywhere piece.


As we can see, personalized jewelry is a hot topic indeed. Still uncertain if it’s for you? Let us remind you why initial jewelry is a solid go-to: it is as unique as it can get, since it reflects your inner essence (or a loved one’s, or whatever you want to), it carries an air of mystery around (the perfect icebreaker), and last but not least: it is a never-out-of-style piece. Do you already know what your Letter would be?