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Eye-Makeup: our favorites

Makeup is an art form, no doubt. The way you dress your eyes, in particular, can have a huge impact in your styling formula. Here are our four favourite (and easy to recreate) eye looks, personally selected by our art director.

Sapphire Eyes

Here the main trick is swapping the usual black mascara for a lively blue hue. We love that you literally only need to make this one change for drastically different effect.

Here our model is wearing a very soft earthy eyeshadow but you can also go bare and wear the mascara on its own. We suggest pairing this up with light rose-coloured lips and cheeks and light foundation.

We love how this shade of blue looks with gold studs but it also works amazingly well with matching blue crystals or contrasting colours for an even bigger chromatic effect.

Barely there Glimmer

This look is about a great eyelash curler and a very subtle almost invisible ecru eye shadow. It also works in silvery tones or white, which are a bit more eye-catching and dramatic.

Use your fingers to dab a bit of shadow near your eyelash line and diffuse to the rest of the lid. The effect is meant to be subtle like you just have a bit of glow in your eyes. Finally, grab a powerful eyelash curler and use transparent gel mascara.

Needless to say you can pair up this look with any jewelry and wear it on any occasion. We matched it with bold burgundy lips for contrast but going nude works just as beautifully.

Perfect Peach

This hue is foolproof as it works on almost any skin. Here we only required one shade of peach for the eye shadow (pick whichever one works for your particular skin tone) and used brown eyeliner to make a “barely there” line.

Add a bit of peachy blush to enhance the cheekbones and dab clear lip-gloss for a super fresh day-to-day look. We strongly suggest betting on colour when it comes to your earrings, as your face will be the perfect canvas.

The subtle Cat Eye

This look is similar to the former but with a bit of a twist. Notice how we made it a tad more dramatic with liquid eyeliner and bolder black mascara. It preserves the elegance of the peach-coloured palette but it makes the eyes stand out a bit more.

This is ideal for when you’re out during the day and want to elevate the look for the evening. Make sure those brows are perfectly polished and throw on your favourite gold earrings, it works every single time.