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Horses and fashion, a long-time relationship

From Gucci to Jaquemus’ first catwalks, horses seem to be the favorite animal in the fashion world. Chloé, Spring / Summer 2015 campaign. Hermès, 'Sur la route de la soie'. Jacquemus, Spring / Summer Prêt-á-porter, 2016. Gucci, 'Of course Horses', Spring / Summer 20. The world of fashion is full of equestrian inspiration.

Beyond the classic, some of the most important maisons such as Hermès, directly related to horsemanship since its inception, still maintain that imaginary in their design DNA. Likewise, other brands, although far from representing this sport and its life, are also inspired by this universe and integrate it into their visual history.

Force or power are some of the adjectives that frame the essence and style around horses.
The first visual representation of this inspiration could be aristocratic or bourgeois aesthetics, as horse riding has always been a very popular sport in this circle.

Far from this context, the contemporary idea of ​​the horse is more related to women’s freedom, which took hold of the male equestrian style in the eighteenth century: the first steps towards the revolution of the female style were already a reality. Later, during the middle of the twentieth century, the male executive suit also began to be part of the wardrobes of women around the world, especially in the Big Apple. Thus the direct relationship and many times the non-distinction between the feminine and the masculine is established.

In addition to the idea of ​​independence, horses create a new reality with which to be inspired: powerful ideas that embody representations of a concept, opening the doors for fashion towards new dreamlike realities where horses are the protagonists of the function.

Aligned with these values, the imaginary around the Five collection, “The Natural Awake”, relates the purest essence of this animal, standing out for the natural beauty of women, which is also represented in the design of each jewel in the collection. “We wanted to create a parallelism with the strength that women represent, a main value in the DNA of PDPAOLA. It seemed like a good time to transport the stage of the launch to the animal world and represent it with the horse, a figure that denotes freedom and nobility, an emblem of vital strength”, explains the creative team.