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Inside Blossom: Why Our Love for Flowers is Always Blooming

Since ancient times flowers have always been present in all cultures and fine arts. They have inspired architects to decorate temples, palaces, portals, and fountains with floral ornaments, as well as artists to create floral jewelry as a symbol of power.

Flowers have been with us in all of the events of our lives, in elegantly designed gardens, interior decoration, bouquets and more. Through flowers we practice a simple and mysterious language of gratefulness, love, forgiveness and even remorse. They congratulate, welcome and also accompany people with dignity and beauty until the last goodbye.

A legendary flower dictionary defines the character of a person according to his or her name. A woman named lily means purity and violet beauty, for example.

Also, flowers undoubtedly influence our mood. A great example of this is how some celebrities can’t bear a hotel room without their favourite flowers. Elton John once requested white orchids (which were brought from Asia) before a concert in Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, Katy Perry demands to have white and purple roses in her dressing room and hates carnations.

Coco Chanel made the camellia the emblem of her brand, yet it’s a flower with no scent. This reminds us of the protagonist of the famous novel by Alexandre Dumas, the Lady of Camellias, who was allergic to the scent of flowers and could only be gifted this particular kind.

Indeed, after a long, grey and cold winter, flowers bring back the beauty of colour as they slowly reemerge in the landscape, gradually warming up the environment and our energy, generating confidence and strength for new projects.

These miracles of nature represent the continuity of life as they harbour the reproductive organs of plants. The variety of colours and nuances are endless and span the entire rainbow. At the same time, the fragrances of flowers evoke rich memories of people and places.

The Blossom collection is a take on the charm and simplicity of flora. Focusing on natural forms, the jewels evoke the essence of what is beautiful and long-lasting, translating colour to gold and silver to create a discreet and feminine elegance.

A collection that is like watching a film in black and white: without the distracting invasion of colours, one is able to appreciate the raw beauty of form and simplicity. Indeed, an appropriate choice of jewelry for a time not meant for exuberance, but rather to reflect and reinvent yourself and continue.