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Inside the creative process: Silver and Gold

The design process of a piece of jewelry is the moment in which it acquires its own personality. From literature to nature, each jewel tells a unique story. In this article, we discover how our collections draw from different imaginary universes and we pay tribute to two classics. Enhancing the power of their reflections and dimensionality, the 925 sterling silver and the 18 karat gold plating bring new designs to life.

The reflections of gold have become a true legend, as it is the maximum representation of sumptuousness and power that enters the streets in the most avant-garde and fresh way. Surely you have asked yourself: what does 18 karat gold mean? Karat is a unit of measurement used to determine the purity of precious metals. When we talk about gold and karats in a piece of jewelry, these correspond to the amount of gold that a particular object contains. Thus, gold as we know it is not pure, as it mixes other metals to achieve the ideal materiality to produce jewelry.

The innate brilliance of polished silver gives each piece quality and freshness, providing naturalness and elegance to each piece of jewelry. Silver is a fairly malleable and soft material. For this reason, for the manufacture of jewelry, alloys have been made with other materials to be able to obtain resistant and suitable pieces for their use. This is how we arrive at the famous 925 Silver. A piece made up of 925 thousandths of silver (or a percentage of 92.5% pure silver) and 75 thousandths of copper (or a percentage of 7.5% copper) will be a 925 sterling silver object a . 925 silver jewels are considered as sterling silver, as their quality and characteristics are among the best.

Five ring golden shapes follow an irregular aesthetic that reflects the essence of nature, achieving a perfect balance of the imperfect patterns.

The La Bamba necklace plays with gravity. A subtle silver chain is the queen that allows a family of insects to make their way through the neck in a sinuous balance.

The Eternum bracelet is inspired by the force of bonds between the beloved ones. Golden edges draw the subtile shapes of a promise.

The Buzz ring let the gold shine in between glowing wings. Representing the fragile yet beautiful rhythm of life, the shapes of its design let the mind fly to infinity and beyond.