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How to live more sustainably without realizing it

In recent years, we've been hearing the word sustainability everywhere, and that's great. But we can't let it be a passing trend on everyone's lips. The planet is crying out for help, and it's time to take action.

The way we live in the 21st century sometimes is not very friendly to mother Earth, but there are still little things we all can do to make a difference.

Here are 5 tips that you can incorporate into your daily life that will contribute to a better world.

1/ Eat greener
Many of the foods we consume often are somewhat harmful to the environment. This does not mean that we have to completely stop consuming them, but rather rethink our diet and reduce the consumption of certain foods. For example, it is recommended to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables that, besides having more flavor and health benefits, go through less polluting processes.

Try to always fill your shopping bags with local products (you know, less transport, less pollution). And finally, try to reduce your consumption of meat, especially beef which produces the most greenhouse gas emissions.

2/ Turn off those lights, darling
Key in reducing our impact on the environment is turning off the lights and switches we are not using. We should aim for making our houses more energy efficient, and number one step is being very conscious of our energy use (and abuse). So remember to always turn the lights and switches off when you no longer need them, this little gesture will reduce your electricity bills, extend the life of your light bulbs and overall help the planet.

3/ Pedal for the planet (and for your summer body)
Okay, we know traveling in your own car with your own music is quite nice. But if we are honest, this is a luxury that we can surely do without in most cases. Vehicles emit carbon dioxide, the most common greenhouse gas (and the primary driver of climate change), so it is time to start using greener transport options on a daily basis such as buses or, even better, bicycles. And hey, you’ll get your body summer ready too.

4/ Become an upcycling pro
The overproduction of fashion items has tremendous consequences on the environment. So it is important to become more conscious shoppers and approach our wardrobes with a new mindset. Go through all your old clothes and consider how you can prolong their life. Maybe donate those you really don’t like/ don’t want to wear anymore? Also, how about repurposing your vintage attire? Upcycling has turned into an art and there are plenty of tutorials online on how you can turn an old boring pair of jeans into the coolest new thing.

5/ Keep your tote bag handy
Finally, let’s never forget that plastic is very harmful to our planet. It is estimated that a plastic bag takes around 50/60 years to degrade in a landfill. So we must try to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics. How? By using cloth bags in our daily life or buying food in bulk stores where products are not wrapped in plastic.