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Teleportation (or how to travel to LA while lying on your bed)

Where did you spend lockdown? I spent mine in a Mid-Century house with a pool surrounded by naked men in LA. Hate me much? I bet. But no, unfortunately I spent it in my room in my shared flat in Barcelona.

But I did actually feel like I was in LA some days. The reason? I had the famous David Hockney’s painting ‘A Bigger Splash’ hung in front of my bed and I kept listening to ‘Sunset People’ by Donna Summer.

By being forced to stay indoors, our minds had to develop coping mechanisms to “escape” and to enter the realm of wonder. Simply put, we had to teleport our minds. Teleportation refers to transporting yourself or your mind to a location miles away from you in a fraction of seconds. In other words, you are able to travel with your mind and, for a moment, forget about the real world.

The teleportation toolkit: music, art and books

The key to mind teleportation is your imagination! You just then need to find the right tool (or tools) that will transport your mind away from the ordinary.
Let’s start with a favourite in our toolkit: music. As Plato said “music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”. It’s been scientifically proven that humans respond to music, since it triggers emotional reactions and can make your mind travel. Want to be in Paris? Listen to Édith Piaf or Serge Gainsbourg, et voilà! You’ll be having a romantic picnic by Le Tour Eiffel in no time. Or pick one of our dreamy playlists and enjoy the ride.

Another essential tool for teleportation is art. Art is powerful and electric. Have you ever had your eyes glued to an artwork and felt your mind wandering off to magical places? Art can come in many forms (like painting) and can take you to imaginary worlds, worlds of vibrant colours and shapes or worlds of darkness and shadows.

And last but not least: books or literature. When you become immersed in a book you start to visualise the story, the settings, the characters in it and you can lose awareness of your real surroundings to the point where you think you are part of that story. How amazing is that. You can also travel forward or backward in time, speak another language, live on an island, change your gender or age and experience the most beautiful love story. All of this without leaving your living room. So why not go grab a book?

As we have seen, mind teleportation does not involve an actual physical movement, which means you can (mind) travel to anywhere you wish from wherever you are and ignite your emotions and imagination. Use the tools in the teleportation toolkit, or any of your own choosing, and… bon voyage!