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The Birth of a New Beginning

They say that nothing compares to the profound and intense experience of becoming a parent for the first time. It is something that is forever sealed into the memories of new moms and dads. However, it is also said that starting fresh either with a new project or goal and carrying out to completion can be perhaps just as rewarding.

Indeed, so it seems there can be many forms of “having a baby.” Becoming a parent can also mean starting a personal or professional project and seeing it through from its inception to completion. Just as parents never forget having their first child, we never forget our first major accomplishment.

So as a new year begins with a renewed hope and spirit, we need, now more than ever, for many projects and dreams to see the light. So here we are once again, with a chance to start over, or simply, start something that is meaningful to us.

Starting over can be as thrilling as finding out you are going to be a parent. Stop and think for a second: being assigned to a new project or coming up with your own is exciting but can also feel a little scary.

Hundreds of questions come to mind. Will I be able to do this? How will I succeed? But there is also a little hunch that tells you that everything is going to be ok. Luckily, those who have been through it before are ready to give you encouragement and, hopefully, plenty of useful advice.

It seems that the beginning of planning can prove to be as difficult as the first trimester: challenging limitations, uncertainty, and weird changes happening all over the place. It can be so overwhelming that it can feel like morning sickness! However, with the right focus, resources, support, and careful risk management, you are able to build a solid foundation for the rest of your personal project.

When the time for execution comes along, that belly is protruding and everything feels like a lot, all the way to the third. This is one of the toughest parts of your endeavor. You have got to monitor the vitals, get an echo to see how things are going. It will need adequate feeding for proper future development.

At this time, any shortfalls need to be addressed immediately to ensure the outcome is not affected. Otherwise, you’ll need to cut corners to make up for deficits or lost time. That will certainly have its consequences further down the line, long after your baby has been delivered.

Change is to be expected and you need to prepare the environment for the new arrival. It will need its space and dedicated time. Nothing will ever be the same again if you are to see this project through. Not planning for changes ends up being more expensive and stressful. Ask any friend who has had to set up the baby room at the last minute!

Finally, the time for delivery is here! For some, it goes fairly smoothly, for others it can be rather painful and it is sometimes delayed. But the good thing is that you will finally see “the baby” live in the outside world and a whole new exciting chapter in your life will begin.

This now becomes the first step in a long rewarding journey of parents seeing their baby grow. In a similar way, planning, managing, and executing a new personal or professional project can be the start of achieving your dreams and goals. In any case, raise a glass, and many congratulations!