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The Interview. Meet The Tripletsss!

If you had the chance to check out our Christmas issue, and you thought you were seeing triple, that’s because you were! Meet Elnaz, Tanaz, and Golnaz Hakkak (who usually sit in that order), the three stunning identical triplets with Iranian roots who are taking the Insta-world by storm with their beautifully resolute eyebrows and matching outfits.

At first glance, these raven-haired beauties seem impossible to distinguish. They speak and giggle shyly (almost in unison), wear the same clothes and accessories, and very much love all things art and architecture. It’s almost as if there was one brain operating in three equally beautiful beings.

Upon closer inspection, however, you start to notice subtle differences. Tanaz (sitting in the middle) has an adorable, gap-toothed grin à la Lara Stone, and is she is the loudest and most outspoken of the three. Elnaz (on the left) is more reserved, while Golnaz (on the right) “has a bit of both worlds.”

Tanaz is the sleepyhead of the family, while Golnaz takes longer than her sisters to get ready for a party (although she denies it). They all love seventies music but dislike coconut. Luckily, they don’t coincide on their celebrity crush and don’t need to swap boyfriends as “it happens naturally,” jokes Tanaz.

No matter how different or alike they are, one thing is certain: they have a naturally sweet and charming demeanour that is as captivating as their style, as we found out recently when they came to PDPAOLA’s headquarters for a one-on-one (or rather a one-on-three) interview.

There, we discovered many interesting facts about these London-based beauties. For instance, we learned that twisting their tongues is their hidden talent and that travelling more is something they all want to check off their bucket lists.

But even when they're devoted one another, started a brand together and have cute pet names (in Farsi) for each other, the triplets wouldn't like to be mothers of triplets themselves! "It's a hard job," says Elnaz. Golnaz concurs saying, “I would leave that to my grandchildren.”

When these bushy-browed babes are not busy looking like heavenly sculptures for their 301k followers on Instagram, they can be found checking out art exhibitions or planning their next travel adventure.

As it happens with all of their fans, we couldn't get enough of them, so we didn't let them leave our offices without a final lightning round of questions. (Unless indicated otherwise, all three had the same response.) Check them out!

PDPAOLA: Describe each other in one word.


Elnaz: Tanaz is Kind and Golnaz is creative.
Tanaz: Elnaz is broccoli and Golnaz is French fries.
Golnaz: Elnaz is the favourite and Tanaz the closest.

PDPAOLA: Necklace or earrings?

Tripletsss: Earrings.

P: Gold or silver?

T: Gold

P: Summer or winter?
T: Summer

P: Sushi or pizza?
T: Sushi

P: Night or day?
T: Night

P: Prints or solid colours?
T: Prints

P: Heels or trainers?
Elnaz and Tanaz: heels!
Golnaz: trainers.

P: Coffee or tea?
T: Coffee.

P: Red or white wine:
T: Red.

P: Paris or NY?
T: Paris

P: Beach or mountain?
T: Mountain

P: Stay in or go out?
T: Stay in. (Golnaz: Can we stay in and go out?)

P: Never have Internet access again or never being able to take an aeroplane?
T: Aeroplane.