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Santa got you this, Santa got her that: the Gift Guide by PDPAOLA

With Christmas fast approaching, we all know how important it is to choose the perfect gifts for the special people in our lives. Whether you’re playing secret Santa with colleagues, just want to get your bestie a little surprise, or you’re doing the big family celebration, it’s always tricky to get the holiday gifting just right.
One of the best things about jewelry: it's a classic. And you know what they say: classics never die. In fact, it can be totally unpredictable and creative. We’ve thought of some ideas to get your imagination going:

The renewed traditional: friendship Bracelets

Don’t worry, it’s not that kind of high school “friendship bracelet” and you may think it doesn’t seem that original. However, bracelets are still one of the best choices for gifts. Besides, there is a “grown-up” and sophisticated way to show a dear friend how much she means to you.
If your bestie likes something more personal, she’ll love to have an engraving of her name or a special phrase on any of these pieces: the Mademoiselle, the Memora or the new Eternum bracelet.

The foolproof classics

For special women in your life that you’d love to surprise with something timeless, consider pieces that every woman must own. Take for example, those go-with-everything necklace or timeless bracelets that can polish up a look. Think of jewels you can wear all day, every day and can be dressed up or down. Take for example the Velours necklace or Amber Éclair earrings and the Solitary necklace or earrings; they are elegant and add a touch of sparkle while providing many mix and match options to layer with other styles of necklaces.

Make it personal

Personalising can go a long way. This is especially true now that we’ve added many more customizable pieces (even earrings!) ready to be personalised with a unique letter, symbol or phrase.
Indeed, the new designs on the Engrave Me collection is one of the most elegant ways yet to personalise jewellery. Take for example the Mademoiselle necklace with pearl details or the L’Absolu with a heart charm. Want it to be a little bit edgier? The engravable earrings are a must! with a new Eternum and L’Absolu earrings. And of course, don’t miss the most wanted, the padlock charm called “Bond”.

The rebels

Charlie’s Angels. The Three Musketeers. The Powerpuff Girls. What do all of these have in common? They come in threes. If you and your two best friends are inseparable like all of these trios, then an earring set that your friends can mix and match in their own way is a fun way to gift earrings a little differently. This of course is also a great idea for any friend, colleague or family member who has an edgy style and likes to wear jewellery with a twist. In this case many of our asymmetric earring pairs like the La Palette earrings or the Joanne Earrings will also do the trick elegantly.

Say it with colour

One of the best ways to select something that truly stands out when it comes to jewellery is to go for colour. Whether this is in the form the multi-coloured Halo earrings, a subtle touch of lilac in our Cavalier earrings, or the deep blue in our Daisy bundle from the Blossom collection, colour is always a must in every woman’s jewellery box. In this sense, all of our pieces of the Atelier collection are a treat for colour lovers. We’ve got warm hues, cool hues, greens and pieces that have them all. These are ideal to liven up neutral-hued outfits.

Nature lovers

We all know someone who loves being in nature and is up for any plan that involves the outdoors. Gift them a little something that is inspired by blooming flowers (like anything from our Blossom collection) or tiny buzzing creatures (from the Zaza collection) that keep mother Earth in constant movement. Imagine the surprise when she learns that for every piece of Zaza sold, a new tree is planted! In addition, as a result of the reforestation initiative from Eden Projects, this gives work to hundreds of people in undeserved places in the world.

So there you have it! Some extra glow for those women in our lives (who already own their glow).

Happy gifting!