Zaza Collection

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A tribute to the epic little icons of nature
Touching the delicacy of life
Zaza collection is inspired by the virtuous flying crawlies that keep nature in constant bloom. The subtle beauty and fragility of small insects is captured in Crystals over Green Mother of Pearl which allude to the rapidly flapping wings and the iridescence of wild insect bodies. Meanwhile, delicate white zirconias sit as a subtle ornamental detail over 925 Silver and an 18K Gold plating, evoking the centre of life in constant movement.
A homage to the small big things
Nature is our greatest guardian, constantly balancing out the continuous evolution of every lifeform. Insects evidence this magical beauty and intelligence through their movements and organization. Zaza’s designs are a nod to the delicacy of nature underlined with a powerful message of strength and beauty, reminding us with every piece of jewelry the fast and fleeting essence of nature.