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The Magic of an Artist’s Studio: behind Atelier Collection

An artist's studio can be one of the most captivating places to discover.
It's where it all comes together, where the minds of great creatives conjure their explorations of their inner and outer worlds to produce works that carry a piece of their souls.

In this sense, an atelier becomes not only a place where brush strokes, colours and shapes come to life; it becomes a source of inspiration by its own account. From stimulating light and curious objects to the decoration and the colours of the walls, every element consciously or unconsciously finds its way into the artist's psyche.

Indeed, Henri Matisse's studio was brimming with objects that were precious to him: Buddhist statues, Chinese calligraphies, African carvings, and vases gifted by friends. These and many more objects were recurrent inspirations which were reinvented constantly in each new artwork.

For his part, Salvador Dali attached great importance to the space of creation and imagination that was the artist's studio. When he set up his house in Portlligat, he was drawn to it by the landscape, its light and its calm solitude. There, he developed freely as an artist and came to define his house as "a real biological structure."

Meanwhile, Picasso's legendary Le Bateau-Lavoir atelier in Montmartre was where he conceived and created many of his greatest works, including the legendary painting Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. Over the course of six months, the Spanish artist made hundreds of sketches and drawings before completing the final masterpiece.

These elements precisely are what influence the creativity that drive the spirit of Atelier. With colour as the cornerstone of the collection, every jewel and its components become a nod to brushstrokes, traces and shapes on a canvas. Every stone and metal is reminiscent of the elements that come together to ultimately form an artwork.

Take for example the Papillon ring, which carries stones in all of all seven colours of the collection's palette; each evokes the stroke of a brush. On their own, they are just abstract forms, but together, they convey a harmonic composition of light and colour.

The Halo and Euphoria earrings have the same mission but intended to bring light to the face. Meanwhile, La Palette earrings have a dainty nature that evoke the minuscule colour touches that, stroke by stroke, add to the chromatic richness of an artwork.

The classic colour circle based on red, yellow and blue, is traditional in art, and it has many variations. Pieces like the Libellule earrings and the Rosé Blush Necklace combine different shades of warm-coloured stones, while the Midnight Blue ring and necklace serve as their cool-hued counterparts. Then the Lime Blush necklace and ring are reminders of the natural green settings that often find their way into artists' canvases.

Atelier is a deconstruction of light and colour that seeks its own interpretation in every piece of jewelry. As every stone carefully finds its place in the jewel, a work of art is born on every wearer.