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What Your Ear Game Says About You

Nowadays just having your earlobes pierced doesn't seem to be enough to add some sparkle to your visage. Thanks to social media, showing off piercing fashion has become a thing, spawning trends all over the world and depicting new creative ways of wearing jewelry.

Indeed, just like clothing, cosmetics, tattoos and even perfume, piercings, can become the focus of attention, make an identity statement and can have a deep emotional and personal significance to the bearer.

It's no surprise that for these and many other reasons piercings are some of the oldest forms of body adornment. Historical records and archaeological findings from all over the world indicate that cultures like African, American, Hispanic and Indian, among others, perforated earlobes and other face and body parts for religious reasons, rites of passage, status and adornment.

In fact, earlobe piercings are so ancient that a mummy dating back to around 3,300 BC, (the oldest ever discovered) was found to have them. Clearly, this practice has existed since practically dawn of humanity and will only continue to grow.

But do these ancient meanings hold any relevance today? In most places, this kind of body modifications have lost the associations with those past religious or tribal meanings. However, piercings carry a rich history and tradition and do say something about us, even if worn just as a fashion statement.

Piercings on the earlobes are classic and the most common. Perhaps your parents didn't even let you get them until you were at least 12. If these are your only piercings, your style is likely classic when it comes to choosing clothing and jewelry.

However today sporting jewelry on the tragus, conch, helix and other parts of the ear have become a common practice. If you have any of these, other than the classic earlobe piercings, it might indicate your personality is a little bit edgier.

The most recent trends have models wearing them as "stacks" or as "Snakebites" on the midway point of the helix. Other people have opted to connect their first hole with the second (or second and third) with a seamless hoop to create an orbital piercing.

When you choose this kind of ear style, it usually means that you don't conform with just classics (even if you prefer to keep it simple sometimes) and are willing to go a bit beyond but are never really too rebellious. Maybe in school you succumbed to the pressure of your friends to smoke a cigarette or skip a class once or twice, but you were never the kind to cause serious troubles.

If you usually opt for hoops or rings (especially on your earlobes), you’re probably a people magnet with a very active social life. You love amplifying that circle by meeting new people and trying out new experiences. The bigger the hoops, or the more rings you stack up, the bigger the personality!

If you go for any helix piercing (which is the outer cartilage rim of the upper part of the ear) you're someone loves keeping up with fashion trends and were likely part of the "cool crowd" growing up. It's a step further beyond the traditional earlobe decor, but it's become so common it's not considered rebellious anymore, especially if you wear a delicate stud or ring. However, if you go for an ear jewel on the helix with a chain that links to your main lobe earring, like with our Maka earrings, it may convey an edgier personality.

If you love dangling earrings, like the Apollo from the Electra collection, it means you like to state your distinct style, but you're not one to go over the top. They tend to move when you do, so they’re bound to draw attention, which means you’re confident with who you are. This is especially true if you choose to wear a crystal-studded initial on your ear from the Letters collection.

If you like to populate your ear with lots of jewels and studs you definitely like to make a statement. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if you were also a fashionista. It's probable you usually notice things other people don’t, making you just as unique as your ear style.

These are just a few ideas on how you can level up your ear game and get some insights about your personality in the process. Whether you’re up or a new ear style or just looking for inspiration, dare to try something new. Who knows, you may discover traits about your personality you never knew you had!