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Letters · Ear Stories


Behind every name there is a story, a soul. Ear Stories from Letters Collection are a loud statement: a daring whisper that calls for uniqueness and the beauty in it, represented through the singularity in the design and details of every letter.

As a sophisticated statement of self-love and empowerment, this collection is a daily reminder of strength, confidence and courage, that embraces feminity built upon powerful beliefs.

Labradorite, aquamarine and zircons in countless shades are the protagonists in these talisman jewels, delicate pieces where the semiprecious stones have been hand carved for each letter, shape and size. A great craftsmanship surrounds these earrings, where each stone is set manually on a base of 925 sterling silver with an 18k gold plating.

The exclusivity in each letter is the essence of Letters, a jewel that reaffirms you:
the ultimate and finest way to declare with pride how special you are or your loved one is.

Hear my story (& Say it out loud)