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This Legal Notice regulates the general conditions of access and use of the website accessible through www.pdpaola.com (henceforth, the website), which SASMAT RETAIL S.L. makes available to internet users.

The use of the website implies the complete acceptance without reservations of each and every resolution included in this Legal Notice. Therefore, the user must read the current legal notice carefully every time the website is accessed, as the terms of use are subject to modifications on the judgement of the website’s owner, or due to legal, judicial criterion or business practice changes.


Holder’s name: SASMAT RETAIL S.L.

Place of business: Pl. Emili Mira 2, 08022 Barcelona, España

VAT: ESB55670228

Email: [email protected]

Registro Mercantil de Barcelona Tomo 2909, Libro: 0, Folio: 135, Sección: 8, Hoja: T 49020 - Inscripción: 1 


The website allows its users access to information and services offered by SASMAT RETAIL S.L.. to those people and organisations interested in them.


3.1. The access and use of this website is free for its users.

3.2. User registration. The access and use of the website do not demand prior subscription or registration of its users.


The language used by the owner is Spanish. SASMAT RETAIL S.L.. isn’t responsible for the lack of comprehension or understanding of the language by the user, nor its consequences.

SASMAT RETAIL S.L.. is allowed to modify the contents without notice, just as eliminate or changed them within the website, as well as its access, freely and without justification, not being responsible for the consequences that may cause to the users.

The use of the website content to advertise, hire or spread advertising, or own information or of third parties without the authorisation of SASMAT RETAIL S.L..,  or forward advertising of information, through the services or information available to the users, regardless its use being free or not.

Links and hyperlinks added by third parties in their websites, addressing the website, will redirect to the website, not being able to demonstrate, directly or indirectly, false, inaccurate or confuse indications, nor engaging disloyal or illicit actions against SASMAT RETAIL S.L...


Both the access to the website as well as the non-consent use that may be undertaken from the information in such website is responsibility of the person doing it. SASMAT RETAIL S.L.. shall not be held responsible for any consequence, harm or damage that may result from this access or use of information. SASMAT RETAIL S.L.. shall not be held responsible for any security error, that may be produced nor the harm caused to the IT system of the user (hardware and software), or to any folders or documents in such computer, as a consequence of:

  • Presence of a virus in the user’s computer used to access the services and content of the website.
  • Browser malfunction.
  • and/or outdated versions of it.

SASMAT RETAIL S.L.. will not be held responsible from the liability and speed of hyperlinks added in the website to direct to others. SASMAT RETAIL S.L.. doesn´t guarantee the usability of those links, and will not be held responsible from the contents or services to which the user may access through these links, nor the functioning of these websites.

SASMAT RETAIL S.L.. will not be held responsible from the virus or other computer programs that damage or may damage the users’ computer systems or equipment when accessing the website or other websites that may have been accessed from links in this website.


The website uses cookies, our Cookies Policy, which respects confidentiality and privacy, is available for consultation.


All rights on industrial and intellectual property of the website, as well as all content in it, are property of SASMAT RETAIL S.L... Any use of the website or its content must be exclusively for particular purposes.

It is exclusively reserved for SASMAT RETAIL S.L.., any other use involving copying, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication or any other similar action, of part or the whole of the content of the website, and thus no user will be allowed to carry out these actions without prior written authorisation from SASMAT RETAIL S.L...


This Legal Notice will be interpreted and governed in accordance with the laws of Spain. SASMAT RETAIL S.L. and the users, are to expressly forego any other forum which may correspond to them, are subject themselves to the Tribunals and Courts of the user physical address for any controversy lead from the access or use of the website. In case the user’s physical address is outside Spain, SASMAT RETAIL S.L.. and the user, submit, expressly foregoing any other forum, to the Tribunals and Courts of the offices in Barcelona.