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5 Keys to Building Your Personal Sanctuary

As it's clear with every blinking light, incoming message and endless social media scrolling, the world around us moves at relentless speeds that make it almost impossible for us to keep up. Now more than ever, life begs for a place to call our own, lift-up our mood and recharge for the day to come.

Here are the five keys to building a sanctuary to honour you inner goddess and emerge as your best self every time:

1. Allow for plenty of natural light

Sunlight will lift up your mood and make the room instantly more pleasant. Allow for as much of it as possible, at least for part of the day. However, do include a collection of artificial light sources to help calibrate the environment and stimulate the mood. Don't just settle for the general lighting of the ceiling; use alternate sources like table lamps, pedestal and other auxiliary lamps. These will allow you to construct an environment that can go from calm to energetic as needed.

2. Lose yourself in olfactory sensations

Candles are a sign of adoration and offering, no sanctuary would be complete without them. This also applies to our bedrooms, our sacred space to decompress from the day and reconnect with ourselves. In this sense, candles can not only create an environment of serenity and contemplation, but offer a rich, aromatic journey that surrounds us with olfactory sensations that lift up our mood and bring peace. Lavender is great for relaxation, while the crisp, refreshing aroma of peppermint helps improve alertness and mental clarity.

3. Create visual stimulation with metallic details

At PDPAOLA we have a direct and intimate relationship with metals. Their noble nature allows them to accomodate to our function and physicality, to articulate our identities and tell our stories. This enriching power can perfectly extend to interior decoration. Take for example, metallic structures, frames, bases and polished items to add stimulating accents and focal points of special significance.

4. Explore colour through texture

While light colour palettes are great to recharge and evoke peace and calm, don’t hesitate to explore the full potential of your bedroom's hues. Dive into all of the possibilities by playing with different textures, surfaces and finishes which have the potential to transform a dull, monochromatic room into a rich visual journey full of surprising details.

5. Create an altar for your inner goddess

While it's true that our beds are the place to relax par excellence, don't underestimate the power of having a space to rest while being completely awake. Reserve a part of your room where you can cultivate yourself in the strictest intimacy. For example, a comfortable armchair or cushions where you can sit and have uninterrupted meditation time. A side table to place your favourite book or cup of tea is also a great idea. With the hectic pace of modern life, now more than ever, meditation and returning to our centre is vital to maintaining our happiness, peace and sanity!

This process of consciously building a space for yourself should be an exciting journey of self-discovery. Take your time to think about every detail, as each will keep you company you for a long time.

Ensure every arrangement you make meet your needs. This goes from the most practical (do I really need a giant vase on my nightstand?) to the most spiritual (why do I feel anxious at the thought of peeking under the bed where I have a bunch of stuff I don't use?).

While It's perfectly ok to change your mind, plan carefully before executing every idea. Your inner goddess will appreciate the incredible work you've put in to give her the best sanctuary possible.

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