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5 trends to inspire your PDPAOLA looks this season

Dress or separates. Oversize versus bodycon. Monochrome or colour blocks. Most of the time we take inspiration from our clothes to build our looks. However, this Christmas we challenge you to up your fashion game, and turn around your styling by crafting outfits using jewels as your point of reference instead. What's more, these fashion trends are all must-haves of the season!

Ruling the party like a girl boss

Structured shoulders, fitted but not too tight at the waist to imbue you with confidence. Few pieces will make you feel more empowered than a tailored suit that begs for details that bring you closer to femininity.
This sartorial paring serves as the basis to bring out the shiny qualities of our Andromeda earrings. Dare to combine it with the Voyager necklace to provide just the right amount of sparkle to your neckline: it will let you stand out, yet let your inner beauty glow naturally.

To kick the sexiness factor up a notch, button up the jacket and wear it as a top. Then, highlight the neckline with one of our Letter Necklaces, and don't forget to accentuate your hands with a statement ring like our Aria.

Bon chic bon genre

For those of us who aspire to exude that classic French allure, the return of the classic Bourgeois style is the perfect opportunity.
The "bougie" code, in its most orthodox definition, includes a pleated knee-length skirt, a pussy-bow blouse and a blazer tailored to perfection. It also invites classic winter fabrics like tartan, houndstooth and tweed as we saw in the Autumn/Winter 2019 runways. However, to ensure that this conservative style does not venture into boring territory, mix things up with a host of fun, shiny pieces that will also elevate your elegance.

Throw on several rings, and play around with them. Take for example, the Cyclon, the Naomi and the Cougar. Together, they form consecutive circular shapes that draw the eye and add subtle splendour, especially when paired up with the Nix and Nebula earrings. A stellar combination!

Back to Black

We all have a little black dress in our wardrobe. Well, at least we should. This essential garment, thanks to its versatility, elegance and timelessness, will come to our rescue when any social or corporate event arrives.
We're pretty sure this Christmas you can benefit from this foolproof formula! Change things up, dare to play with the styling, go for something that will make it look totally or slightly different. Let your LBD serve as a base for the accessories that will carry your looks as harmoniously as the voices of a celestial choir.

The string of bright stones of our Halley necklace will instantly illuminate your dress (and your smile). Meanwhile, let the Solstice ring take centre stage with every gesture of your hands. Make sure your makeup is impeccable to compliment the elegance of the outfit truly.

80's Glam

What better way draw attention to your face than dramatic puffed sleeves? This fashion trend that borrows from the glamour of the 80s gets an update with a dose of sultriness thanks to a more pronounced neckline and shorter hemlines that still manage to stay elegant.
Embrace this trend with our Aisha earrings, their unfolding strips of gold and rows of dainty crystals will accentuate your face the right way by drawing the eye but not too much. Balance out the styling with subtlety; the Mirage bracelet will do the trick.

Star Quality

The world is your stage and you have no problem admitting that you like all eyes on you. This is why you recur to bright dresses as your go-to weapon of mass seduction.

If this description fits your stylistic mantra, we invite you to go big, astronomically big, with striking pieces of our most recent collection made with iridescent stones, inspired by the stars and celestial bodies.

Highlight the length of your neck and make a statement with your presence. Every time your head moves, the string of shiny crystals of our Electra earrings won't let you go unnoticed. You won't need anything else.
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