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A Finger, a Symbol

Believe it or not, the fingers where you wear your rings say a lot about you. Besides the social meaning, the fingers also have a cosmic connection with stars and planets. Therefore, depending on the finger on which you wear a ring, it will have an astrological meaning or another. In addition, semi-precious stones become important, as their astrological connection can enhance the power they represent. Here is a dissertation on the hidden messages behind each finger, a world of symbols that even us have been impressed after research.

Pinkie finger
Ruled by Mercury, the little finger is connected to intuition, intelligence, and persuasion. The stones that enhance it are amber and moonstone. This finger denotes a professional and intellectual status. During the 20th century, only men wore rings on this finger, as it is where they wore the wedding ring. Another surprising belief about wearing rings on the little finger is being related to some kind of mafia, an idea popularized by series like The Sopranos but which is ultimately nothing more than a theatrical fantasy.

Ring finger
It is one of the most sentimental fingers. Connected with love, creativity and beauty, it symbolized Apollo's authority in Ancient Greece. The perfect stones for this finger are turquoise, jade, amethyst, and sapphire. Among western cultures, this finger is generally used to wear the wedding ring, both for women and men. It is also very common to use it to carry out a ring that announces an engagement, since the classic solitaire ring used on these occasions symbolizes self-love.

Middle finger
This finger represents balance and responsibility and, therefore, its perfect gems are rose quartz and aquamarine. Popularly, this finger does not associate any specific meaning when wearing a ring on it. But we have found a meaning according to some cultures: being the longest finger and being in the center, a ring placed on this finger can also symbolize power and strength. We like the idea!

Index finger
Ruled by Jupiter, this finger is related to ambition, self-confidence, and leadership. In some cultures, wearing a gold ring on the index finger of the right hand means marriage. In western cultures, this finger was reserved for aristocrats and the royal family, as visitors would kneel and kiss the ring as a sign of respect.

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