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A step forward: Sustainability

2022 is full of exciting things for us. One of them is the launch of our Sustainability landing page, which is something we have put a lot of effort and thought on. We wanted to rethink the way we do things, and hopefully do them better.

We will claim this over and over again: we are not a sustainable company. Then how come are we launching a whole landing page dedicated to Sustainability…? Well, we are indeed not sustainable BUT we are committed to bettering ourselves and to act more consciously.

We had a chat with our Chief Sustainability Officer, Aarón Pita, who reflected on our path so far, our future plans and the jewelry industry: ‘my feeling is that, as an industry, we are a step behind other similar sectors such as the textile industry, which has perhaps been more sustainable in recent years. In my opinion, I would prioritize efforts in transparency and traceability in the supply chain as they are the basis for determining a company's environmental and social impact.’


As Aarón also declares, our Sustainability Plan is our roadmap, the way forward as we move towards an increasingly sustainable firm. It allows us to understand our starting point, respond to business risks and the needs of our employees, suppliers and customers, set our objectives and, ultimately, be accountable and assess our progress on sustainability.’


We are well aware we still have a long way to go, and there are no shortcuts on this journey. ‘Our strategic focus includes moving towards more sustainable materials such as recycled gold and silver or lab-grown diamonds. This allows us to reduce the environmental impact of our products, as well as to exclude the mining process and the social risks associated with it.’ Aarón claims.

And what does the future hold? ‘As for the future, I would like to see sustainability become a make or break factor when purchasing products and services, just like other factors such as design or value for money.’

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