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A Time for Love. The ‘Engrave Me’ Collection

As we’ve mentioned before in The Mag, jewelry is fraught with memory and meaning; it expresses our personalities, it reflects our moods, and, of course, it’s a creative and easy way to complement our sartorial choices.

But jewelry can be more than that. It can also be a form of artistic expression capable of evoking all sorts of feelings, just like a painting or poetry, music, and literature. And when this emotion is love, it prevails over all others adding yet another layer of personal significance.

Now with Valentine’s Day fast approaching we reflect on love more than ever—its meaning, how to show it to our loved ones, and the myriad ways it manifests. We can’t put it in a box; however, we can love “out of the box.” Every individual has their own distinct way of loving.

Indeed, Valentine’s is a time for love, to give more love and to get more love, and that can come in an infinite number of ways. This is when personalisation and symbolism become more important than ever, when jewelry takes on that aspect of artistic expression—when it’s imbued with emotional meaning, unique messages and images full of significance.

It’s no wonder personalised jewelry is a tradition that has existed for centuries. From ancient times to today it has constituted one of the most wearable expressions of affection. Even if the pieces themselves have evolved over time, the passion and enduring love they represent has remained consistent.

Exploring the universal sentiment of love in all its forms is what inspired us to create the “Engrave Me” collection: a series of classic, customisable jewelry made for this time of love, designed to commemorate the unique bonds we have with special people in our life—both the ‘secret’ and more overt ways we say ‘I love you’, those moments that carry a special significance that we will treasure forever.

Engraved jewelry speaks volumes to thoughtfulness and care. It’s an item that takes on its own special meaning, an amulet in its own right. Honour those pet names you and your boyfriend have for each other. Immortalize that mantra you and your best friend swear by. Own those words that remind you of how amazing you are every day.

We wanted the pieces that carry your message to be fun, classic, and as timeless as the love they’re meant to celebrate. This is why we opted for contemporary and elegant items, either in 925 Sterling Silver or 18-carat gold plating, to allow the purity of these shapes to serve as the perfect canvas for your message or designs.

A military tag necklace or a delicate dice charm acquire an air of romance when stippled with white cubic zirconia. A contemporary-shaped bar remains minimalist and pure, while the round pendant is a classic, sober option. True romantics who want to convey a cogent message of devotion and commitment can secure their love with the padlock charm.

All you need is love and a bit of creativity. However, if you’re finding that words don’t come easy, you can choose from our ready-made phrases, words, and designs to show your love, friendship, and loyalty, or even treat yourself to something inspiring.

The Engrave Me collection is an homage to you and the special people in your life. It’s a collection made to carry that secret and invisible world of shared memories and the bond that exists between you and your loved one. And every time that person looks at his or her jewelry, that special connection is affirmed and the spark rekindled between you.

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