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Buying jewelry for kids: what to consider?

Who says the little ones don’t like a bit of sparkle too? Jewelry can have the same appeal to little girls as to women, as it will make the small ones feel “big”, cool and sophisticated. It will also be something they will cherish, so it makes for the perfect present.

Still, we know it can be a bit tricky to find the right piece of jewelry for children, since there are a few things to consider. But we got you covered - here are the three main things you should keep in mind:

Safety comes first

Children’s jewelry is subjected to several safety standards and regulations, which concern substance restrictions and physical properties. Our advice is that extra precaution should be taken when giving jewelry to children, especially children under 7. Our kids collection Les Petites has been designed and crafted with the little ones in mind and has been through different tests to ensure product safety and quality.

Match their personality

Even though they are small, they already have their own likes and dislikes and personal taste. So keep that in mind when choosing the best piece of jewelry for the little one. Does she have a girly style? Or is she more into nature-inspired jewelry like flowers? Does she like gold or silver? Also, if she is always playing or running around, choose something that won’t get in the way, like a necklace with a small charm or stud earrings.

What’s the occasion?

Like with any other present, you have to choose the right jewel (or jewels) in accordance with the specific occasion. Is it her birthday? Her graduation? Or simply a token of your love? Depending on the occasion, you can opt for a smaller piece of jewelry like a pair of earrings or if you want to make it extra meaningful, you can get her a matching set of necklace and earrings.

Jewelry infuses confidence and is a reflection of personal style. And when it comes to jewelry for children, it can also acquire a whole range of meanings: it gives them the option to start expressing themselves, experiment with style and feel like “grown-ups”.

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