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Chain Jewelry: From Royals to Rappers

The world of chains is a fascinating one. Chain jewelry has been reimagined over the centuries with different materials, colors or gemstones, and its meaning or symbolism has also changed over time. However, the essence of chains remains the same: they consist of two shapes (normally circles) linked together and said to symbolize eternity.

From Royals to Rappers

Chains have been worn by the elite class around the world since Ancient Egypt. Chains with gemstones are as much a symbol of royalty as crowns (think of famous portraits of Kings and Queens such as Henry VIII) and they are essential pieces in every Royal Family jewelry collection.

But it's not just Kings and Queens who enjoy jaw-dropping chains. If we take a look at the Hip-Hop scene, bulky gold chains are an essential part of the attire both for male and female rappers (picture Quavo, Lil Jon, Cardi B or Missy Elliot). Most of these chains are also adorned in diamonds so no shortage of bling assured.

A unisex jewelry staple

Chains are probably the seasonless and gender-less jewel par excellence. Chains are a statement of gender-fluidity, which means they are neither masculine nor feminine, and here lies their beauty.

Jewelry staples are the pieces that can carry you day to night, and go with almost any outfit. And chains are definitely a jewelry piece you can wear time and again and never tire of.

When it comes to choosing a silver or a gold chain, the choice depends on your personal style and skin tones: if you have a pale complexion with light hair, a silver chain might look more flattering on you, whereas if you have a warmer skin and hair tone, a gold chain will look stunning.

A chain for every one

Also, if you are thinking about getting your next everyday-but-still-cool chain, a modern variation of the cable chain might be just perfect, such as the Neo Gold Chain. Or if you are more of a go-big-or-go-home kind of person, our Large Signature Gold Chain will make you jump in excitement. If you want to keep things minimalistic-but-edgy, the Boston Silver Chain Necklace is definitely the one.

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